7 Creative Studio Apartment Storage Ideas

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7 Creative Studio Apartment Storage Ideas – I’m sure you’ve heard it before: studio apartments can be challenging to decorate. For one, they’re small and compact, so there’s only room for the essentials.

But if you don’t have a lot of space to work with, how do you make your apartment feel like home? That’s where creative storage solutions come in.

Here are some ideas for maximizing the storage potential of your studio apartment!

Storage Ottomans

A storage ottoman is a great way to add more storage to your studio apartment.

When not being used as a footrest or coffee table, it can be placed on the floor and used to store blankets, pillows, and other items that you don’t want taking up space elsewhere in the room.

It can also be used for storing shoes and other small items that would otherwise clutter up the counters or shelves of your kitchen cabinets.

This type of ottoman looks like an ordinary ottoman but has compartments underneath so that you can keep things like books or DVDs hidden away until they’re needed again.

You might even find some models with handles so that they can easily be moved around when necessary!

Pegboard Storage

If you’re short on storage space but want to maximize the use of your wall space, then a pegboard is the best choice for you.

It will allow you to hang just about anything from pots and pans to tools and toiletries.

Here are some tips for using pegboard:

  • Hang hooks in various sizes so that everything has its own spot.
  • Assign a hook or shelf for each type of item : for example, one side could be designated as your kitchen utensils while the other side holds cleaning supplies and paper towels.
  • Add shelves in between each section of hooks if there isn’t enough room on them all at once : these can be temporary or permanent depending on how much stuff you need access to during any given day (for example, during cooking).

Coffee Table Storage

It’s a coffee table that’s also a place to store items. Put your keys, remote controls, magazines and mail on top of this coffee table. It’ll look great in any room in your home!

If you have a wall behind the couch or chairs where you plan to put this coffee table, use it to display some photos. This will double as both functional furniture and decorative art for the room.

Under Bed Storage

Under-bed storage is a great way to maximize the space in your apartment. It is a great way to store clothing, toys, linens, and even an extra mattress.

If you have pets that need their own space then under bed storage makes a perfect place for dog crates or cat trees.

Loft Beds

Loft beds are a great way to create a lot of storage space in an apartment. They’re also a good option if you have kids, since they allow you to store toys and other items on the top while giving your child easy access.

Make sure that the bed is high enough for you to get into from the ground level—you don’t want to fall off! That goes double if you have pets who like to jump onto beds.

If possible, try out a loft bed before buying it. This way, you’ll know whether or not there’s enough room between the edge of your mattress and ceiling for everything else (especially if there’s more than one person in your household).

You can buy pre-made loft beds or make one yourself from scratch—it’s up to you!

Freestanding Shelving Units

When space is at a premium, freestanding shelving units can be a great option for storing your belongings.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can use them to create whatever kind of storage solution works best for your needs.

Hooks on the wall

Hooks are one of the most versatile storage solutions around. You can use them to hang clothes, towels, and other items that need to be hung. They can also be used to display art or photos on your walls.

When you want to add some character and charm to your apartment space, hooks are a great option for storing things like baskets full of laundry supplies or displaying personal items like scarves and hats that don’t have their own designated place in the closet yet (these would be considered “clutter”).

Get creative with your storage to make your studio apartment work.

  • Use every inch of space.

If you live in a studio apartment, chances are you won’t have much room for storage. That’s why it’s important to utilize every inch of space, whether it be on the floor or on the walls.

First, make sure to maximize your vertical storage opportunities by using shelving units that can hold books and other bulky items like vases, baskets and even clothing hangers if the closet is small enough.

  • Get creative with your storage!

You should always look at ways that might be a little bit unconventional when trying to find extra storage spaces—even if it does mean rearranging furniture around in order for everything to fit properly in its place.

For example: try placing an ottoman underneath a coffee table as opposed to just having them sit next to each other—it’ll give more room underneath so that people sitting at either end don’t feel crowded while still looking really stylish.


Studio apartment storage is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. There are plenty of options out there that can help you make the most of your space and keep things organized.

If you want some inspiration for great storage ideas that you can use in your studio apartment, just look around at all the different styles available today!



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