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Sooner or later, everyone needs to renovate their apartment, even if it’s just to paint the walls or change the furniture. And the reasons are as varied as possible: the electrical panel in the old apartment no longer meets current needs; the bathroom leak is already staining the walls; the owner can’t stand the same decoration for years, and so on.

An apartment renovation can be a moment of great joy. After all, you are making your home more beautiful, modern, and with your face. However, this moment of realizing a dream can become a nightmare for some people.

You certainly know stories of works full of problems, expenses beyond expectations, and results that are not always satisfactory. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case for you. With that in mind, we decided to create this article. Check out some tips to renovate your apartment in a simple and error-free way:

Do the Right Planning

Start your work with a good project defined. This mistake, which may seem silly, is very common among some people. Those who do not plan always run the risk of having much greater work and expenses. Ideally, you plan what you want to change, renovate and change in your apartment. 

Many people who have no experience with apartment renovation have the impression that they can start the work and solve problems as they appear.

The mistake of this approach is that it leads to much bigger problems than expected and usually brings with it a lot of unnecessary expenses and delays in the work. To avoid all this, planning is essential. Before starting, have a complete overview of the work, including records such as:

  • What services will be performed
  • Order of execution of the stages of the work
  • Number of days and employees required for each activity
  • which documents should be obtained
  • Quantity of material to be purchased
  • Delivery times for each supplier and when the purchase must be made to arrive on time;
  • Budget available
  • Will you need engineering, architectural, electrical, or plumbing projects, according to the need for apartment renovation

That is, the renovation of the apartment starts well before getting your hands dirty. Before starting work, take the time to plan, and you’ll have a lot less unforeseen.

Know the Right Size of Each Space

Mistaking the sizing of spaces is another very common mistake made by those who renovate apartments. And many times, people make the mistake of investing in very large properties that harm circulation in the environment. Therefore, all environments must have their ‘layouts’ defined in advance, aiming at harmony between space and objects. 

In addition, there is the matter of combining materials and textures. It is normal for furniture to be bought one day and coverings for another. Hence, when the elements are put together, it can happen that things do not match each other. Before buying your furniture, measure the size of apartment doors and elevators. Also, check if the part will have to go through curves or very narrow aisles.

Consider your Routine

It may be that you don’t mind working or doing everyday activities while the apartment renovation takes place – at the same time – in your residence. However, if you’ve hired a team to do any of the work, be sure to make your daily routine clear and work with the contractor with start and end times that cause minimal disruption to your family’s day-to-day life.

After all, no one wants to meet strangers at home during personal rituals, do they?

Avoid too many Divisions

An environment with many divisions makes the apartment even smaller because these compartments prevent the good use of space. The TV and visiting rooms, for example, should not be separated by a wall, as well as the kitchen and dining room.

Abuse the arrangement of furniture to separate these environments and decoration with different colors. It is worth remembering that if there is an intention to tear down walls, a thorough assessment is necessary, as the act can impact the structure of the building.

Invest in Custom Furniture!

Do you want to renovate the apartment without too much headache or don’t want to waste time with very long work and services? Invest in custom furniture!

The planned furniture ensures maximum use of the apartment spaces, allowing all rooms to become more spacious and functional. This benefit becomes even more advantageous for apartments with a compact floor plan. In addition to ensuring the use of spaces, investing in planned furniture makes the apartment environments more organized – after all, all furniture is designed specifically for that environment and considers the main needs of a family.

Renovating using planned furniture is a great choice because its appearance makes all the difference. Planned furniture makes environments more sophisticated and increases the value perceived by visitors. In other words, they renew spaces with comfort, style, and design, bringing much more benefits to residents. If you want to leave your home with an additional charm, don’t do without the planned furniture. They will give a show of harmony. Many apartments in Nova City are furnished with appealing planned furniture.

The number of colors and textures that you have at your disposal is numerous, and the finish is much superior to that of common furniture. This ensures greater durability of the furniture, in addition to allowing it to be easier to clean, always maintaining its new appearance.

What do you think of the tips? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, check out New City Paradise for ideas on home designs.

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