5 Tips for Planned Furniture in a Small Apartment

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5 Tips for Planned Furniture in a Small Apartment

Furnishing a small apartment is a dilemma for a large part of the population of urban centers. The few square meters leave the resident with very few options. If you identified yourself with this dilemma, know that we have the solution!

Planned furniture is, without a doubt, the best option for those who live in a small apartment. They are fully adaptable to space and made to measure, so not a valuable centimeter will be wasted.

However, it is possible to benefit even more from planned furniture in small apartments. Want to know how? So check out the tips we’ve separated for you:

Furniture Designed in a Small Apartment: Functionality

The big balcony of planned furniture is functional. If it has no function, you run a serious risk of being left with a white elephant cluttering up the middle of a path that, by the way, is already very short.

So even if you love a coffee table, a desk, or that beautiful dining table with eight seats, understand that a small apartment is not the best place for them. Instead, prefer furniture that adds functionality and practicality to everyday life, such as an American counter instead of a table, for example. 

The planned furniture ensures maximum use of the apartment spaces, allowing all rooms to become more spacious and functional. This benefit becomes even more advantageous because, in addition to ensuring the use of spaces, investing in planned furniture makes the apartment environments more organized since all the furniture is designed specifically for that environment and considers the main needs of that family. 

Now that you know the advantages that custom furniture can have for your home check out some tips to make the right choice:

1. Invest in Retractable Options 

A good idea for small apartment furniture is those that offer retractable, reclining and/or folding mechanisms. They are practical, versatile, and, best of all, when not in use, they can be tucked away without taking up any space.

One way to use this type of furniture is, for example, on dining, study, or work benches. You can still opt for retractable countertops in the kitchen that facilitate the work of food preparation, and, for the bedroom, there is even the option of beds that fold or recline to the wall, freeing up useful areas.

2. One Option, a Thousand and One Uses

In a small apartment, the more functions a single piece of furniture can accumulate, the better. In this case, the sofa can become a bed; the bed can house drawers, and the table can have a hidden niche under the cover to organize objects, among other possibilities. There is no limit to creativity here; it all depends on the configuration of your space and what you really need.

Unlike furniture that only serves to decorate and make the house more beautiful, planned furniture is multifunctional and combines beauty with practicality. So, with the same item, you have the possibility to decorate the house and still optimize the spaces.

3. Make the most of your Apartment Walls

Another way to make better use of planned apartment furniture is to place it on the wall instead of resting it on the floor. Suspended and overhead furniture are a great way to save space and free up space for movement. An example is the hanging racks and nightstands, overhead cabinets, niches, and shelves.

And, if you have high ceilings, consider creating a mezzanine to expand the area of ​​the apartment. You can put your bed up high or set up your closet on this new “floor.”

4. Integration is Everything

The integration of environments is the key to success for those who want a visually larger small apartment. When environments are integrated, the feeling of space is greater, and the look is cleaner and more organized as well.

You can see this space integration in https://www.skymarketing.com.pk/faisal-town-phase-2/  homes.

To carry out this integration, choose planned furniture that extends on a bench to delimit, for example, the kitchen from the living room, then use hollow shelves with niches between one environment and another.

With an increasingly busy and tiring daily life, it becomes necessary to have a comfortable home with pleasant planned environments to relax and recharge.

There’s nothing better than coming home and finding an organized space, adapted to your needs, with exclusivity and a lot of coziness, providing unique well-being.

5. More Space and Less Clutter

For those who live or want to live in a small apartment, there is a saying that goes: hide what you don’t like. In small environments, the less visual information, the better. 

For this reason, choose cabinets that have the ability to hide certain essential elements of the house but that do not necessarily need to be exposed, such as the service area. That’s right! You can “hide” the washing machines behind a sliding door. Another option is to “store” the desk in the closet between the kitchen and the living room and take it out only when necessary.

Whenever possible, choose to use sliding doors on furniture designed for small apartments, from the wardrobe to the kitchen cabinet. They save a lot of space, as they don’t need a free area for opening. 

With this, it is also worth investing in small handles or the built-in type that are the most suitable for small apartment furniture. That’s because this type of handle doesn’t interfere with circulation, and you don’t run the risk of getting tangled in it or tangled in some other object.

With these tips and a good dose of creativity, you can plan furniture for a small apartment without any problems. Check out Faisal Town for ideas on home designs.

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