37 Cool Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

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Your apartment is your haven, so it’s not a surprise you want it to have fantastic decorating style. But how can you make a small apartment look big on style? Luckily, there are various methods you can deploy to make decorating a small apartment a huge success!

There are numerous interior designs that you can employ in cozy spaces, however you would be smart to be careful to go with the ones which work with the elements of smaller spaces. If your apartment is cluttered, this will likely make it seem smaller therefore you would be smart to stay away from interior decorating designs which have a lot of accessories.

One central characteristic of making your apartment feel sizeable is the color palette. If you had always believed that you were supposed to keep your spacially challenged rooms white, then here is some great news for you. You can have color and still make the apartment appear more spacious by painting it with colors which have equal brightness, or sticking to a monochromatic palette. You may even try a cocoa decorating theme, or if you desire more color go with green, purple and blue that all give off the same tone and intensity. Add ambiance to the room by painting an opposing wall an intense, deep hue which will give it the appearance of being further away, therefore, adding depth. One trick for making your room feel bigger is to paint the walls a shade which tend to make them recede – grayish or blue gray paints are often used for this. If you think gray will be too oppressing, you can essentially apply any cool hue such as blue or green to get the same illusion.

Think of features you might include in your room design which will help to make good use of space in the apartment. Look for decorating schemes that allow for lots of baskets and shelving because these can be used as additional storage. Seeing as this is where you come to wind down you will need to be sure to select a decorating approach you can live with.

Use furniture sparingly and select smaller items. Rather than using no shelving, think about using floor to ceiling shelves which will make the room look bigger while still allowing for extra storage. It makes sense to add unique appeal to your apartment by mixing in selected larger scaled items, so even though you could decide to go for the small settee, include a large potted plant- this can add atmosphere and also make the room appear more spacious also.

Thinking about where you arrange the furniture and accessories in the room is an additional tip for decorating a small apartment. Even your apartment could be enhanced when created with Feng Shui in mind. Easy access into a room should make it appear bigger, so arrange your furniture away from the doors. Additionally, if you can focus the eye on the bigger pieces like an overstuffed chair or console, it can help the room seem bigger.

These ideas allow decorating a small apartment to be simple as well as effortless. So let out your unique creativity and go make your small apartment look big on charm.


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