35 Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

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When living in the city, the most practical living arrangement for most people is an apartment. Most major cities have plenty of apartments to choose from. They are much cheaper than hotels and other boarding houses and they can give you total privacy, however you cannot always please your eyes with the plain surroundings of an unfurnished apartment. With no decorations, your living space is bound to be boring.

Most apartments only have a small area but you can still add some decorative touches to your place to make it look better even if it is still small. First, check your contract or ask your landlord if it’s okay to make some changes in your apartment, for example, painting the walls a different color to make the space appear bigger.

Once that mission is accomplished, you can then start decorating your space. You can start by simply getting rid of things that you are no longer using. This way, you can provide a larger space inside your apartment thus giving you a clearer idea of what you are going to do with the space you have. If you are not satisfied with how your walls look, you can always paint them with another shade. If that isn’t an option, you could instead use wallpaper or hanging picture frames or both, whatever you prefer to do.

Another way you can add interest to the room is by putting light colored curtains in your window to have a nice filter of light into your apartment. If you are the loner type who wants a quiet surrounding, you can always use light colored thermal curtains in your windows to lessen the noise coming from the outside while still having a nice entrance of light into your room.


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