41 Elegant Sofa for Your Home

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The use of sofas is a popular and common seating arrangement found in every household and office premise across the world. Blend of style and comfort is almost unmatched with that offered by any other furniture.

There are several designs and patterns that are employed in sofas. There is a however a very wide difference in the design of traditional sofas and the sofas that are made for the present times.

Traditional Sofas

Engravings and carvings give a gorgeous and ornate look to the traditional sofa. These intricate embellishments lent a classic and elegant charm to traditional sofas examples of which still adorn some of the well-known palaces and buildings of importance even today.

Despite the fact that traditional fabric or leather sofas are elaborate, there is still an old world charm in them.

Contemporary Sofas

Modern styles of furniture lay a lot of emphasis on functionality and style. There is usually a shortage or a problem of space in modern homes. Thus, people want less of elaborate styles and more on comfort and luxury.

You will notice that modern sofas are made of straight and clear lines with more of cushions and comfort. These are less in space consumption which is an absolute necessity in modern homes.

Leather Sofas

When it comes to traditional sofas or even contemporary sofas, you will always have the choice of leather as an option of upholstery. There are different grades of leather that are available for this purpose. Leather chesterfield sofas are popular furniture items that has retained it supremacy in demand even today.

There are several colors of leather that are in demand and vogue even though black leather sofas rank a bit higher than the brown, red, cream and green colored leather available.

The factor that primarily leads to the popularity of leather is its classic appeal of glamour and style coupled with comfort and luxury. There is a rich glow of quality leather which makes it durable.

Additionally leather sofas are also very durable and stain resistant. Since the surface can be cleaned and maintained easily, there is a low cost of the upkeep for the sofas.

Chesterfield Sofas

This is a traditional name in sofas that is derived from the Earls of Chesterfield. There is a wide range of chesterfield sofas that are available in the form of single chairs as well as double and triple seated arrangements.

There are plain surface sofas and even buttoned styled ones that are popularly made of leather. However, rich and ornate fabrics are also used in chesterfields that make them extraordinarily beautiful and elegant.

There are several manufacturers of chesterfield and other varieties of sofas in different upholsteries. You can also place an order according to your preferences and also choose one from the incredible range that is readily available. There will be various price options available one of which will suit your budget too.


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