42 Awesome Classic Door Ideas

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French doors are favorites among many people. Their classic and classy look is always appealing and can really brighten a room no matter where they lead. They can work well as doors that open to the outside or as doors that act as an interior separation between rooms. They also have a lot of possibilities that allow you to choose the right door style for your home.

The two defining characteristics of these doors are the amount of glass in the doors and their double-door design. French doors always come in pairs, both of which can swing open to provide a nice, wide opening for multiple people at once. These are particularly popular when it comes to leading out to porches and balconies. From beautiful homes to hotels, French doors have always been the door of choice. The glass lites can come in any number that you wish and will extend the full height of the door.

People are particularly partial to French doors because of the glass. Oftentimes the glass can be given a design that enhances the overall look of the doors. From krinkle to hammered, there are all sorts of possibilities available to you when it comes to glass designs. Most people will opt for clear glass, but you can do whatever you like. There are French doors out there that are frosted or otherwise decorated. The design of the glass will give the door a different vibe, all of which is ultimately up to you.

Not only does the amount of glass in the door make it look gorgeous, but it also makes it look more friendly and inviting. Likewise, the amount of glass can allow in a wonderful amount of light. This can be beneficial in many ways, from helping your home to have a more open feel to cutting down on your need for interior lighting. Natural light can help you save money on energy, and that’s always a good thing. If you like, you can always enhance your French doors further by adding sidelites and transoms. This will let in even more light and make your French doors even more ornate than before.

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