45 Inspirational Ways How To Repurpose Old Babys Cribs

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What do you do with your baby cribs after your kids migrate to regular beds? Odds are you have spent hundreds of dollars on the crib and hate to just throw it away or give it away.

One thing most people don’t think about doing is selling it to your church or local daycare facility. They are always adding cribs and upgrading to newer, more reliable furniture for their infant nurseries. As baby cribs become more reliable, easy to use and clean, and certified by the government to be compliant, daycares will often buy your crib to replace their older cribs.

This allows you to recoup some of your investment which can go towards a regular kids bed for your child. You could also try and sell your infant crib on craigslist. If a childcare facility is replacing their cribs, they might buy yours and give you one of their old ones they are getting rid of. You can use this old one to build all kinds of stuff.

If you prefer to recycle or repurpose your infant crib, there are plenty of things you can use them for. The side panels can be hung vertically on your walls and used to hang things on. Hang pots and pans and utensils in your kitchen on them or hand one in your closet or storage room. If you are handy, try disassembling your crib and making a new piece of furniture from it. You could turn it into a chalkboard, easel, bench, chair, wine rack, plate holder, or jewelry holder. There are hundreds of DIY projects if you have quality wood.

We have even seen doctors and dentists offices turn cribs into magazine holders for their waiting rooms. Women like to turn them into blanket holders at home. Better homes and gardens built a drink cart from a mobile crib on wheels. What a great idea for catering companies to parade around the party. It turned out beautiful. One can use them to dry clothes on in a laundry room or create a shoe holder at the front entryway.

On the farm, old baby cribs can be used as feeders for goats, sheep and horses or used to house baby animals. One lady in Montana built a mini chicken coop out of one. One could find an old wagon base and use the slats of a crib for new walls on it. They sky and your imagination are the only limiting factors in refurbishing your old crib.

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