15 Bold and Stylish Black And White Livingroom

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15 Bold and Stylish Black And White Livingroom – If you’ve been looking for a way to make your living room feel more sophisticated, bold, and stylish, then black and white may be just what you’re looking for.

Black-and-white rooms can be as bold as they are classic, depending on which colors you choose — but no matter what color scheme you go with, it’s a great way to add drama to any room in the house.

Here are some of our favorite ways to go all black and white:

Bold and bright.

Black and white is a sophisticated and crisp look, but it can be difficult to find the right accent colors.

When it comes to black and white living rooms, many people choose bold hues like red or yellow as the main focus of their design.

While this can work well in some cases, you’ll want to steer clear of using your favorite bold hue as an accent in your black and white living room—this can detract from the overall tone of your scheme.

Instead, choose a color that’s more neutral like gray or navy blue so that it plays nicely with all of the other elements throughout your space.

Some great ways to incorporate this type of color into your room include:

  • Use one wall or piece of furniture painted a bright hue for contrast (and drama!)
  • Paint trim around doors/windows/ceilings in gray or neutral shades for visual interest without overpowering overall design elements
  • Choose artwork with bright pops of color

Modern black-and-white rooms.

The living room is the heart of your home and deserves to be a place where you can relax with friends, family and pets.

It’s also a space where you might host parties or have overnight guests and as such should be an inviting place for all who enter.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own living room, here are some great examples of modern black-and-white rooms that will inspire you.

A space that let’s its colors do the talking.

The best way to make a room feel bigger is to fill it with bright and colorful furniture, artwork and accessories.

In this case, you can use a red couch and ottoman, as well as large black-and-white photos on the walls.

Be sure to use colors that work well together in your space so you can create the look you want without having too much of one color dominant over another.

There are tons of ways to make a black and white room work for you

Here are some options:

  • Use one color to highlight the other. For example, use blue in your couch pillows or throw blankets to bring out the white elements of the room. Or, if you’re more into bold colors, go ahead and paint your walls red with white trim!
  • Put a bold accent piece in there that contrasts with everything else. You could put a red table lamp on one side and then use neutral colored furniture on the other side of the room. This will help balance out all those black and white items without making it seem too chaotic.
  • If none of these ideas appeal to you—or if they’re not possible based on where you live—then just stick with something basic like an off-white color instead!


If you’re thinking about giving your living room a black and white makeover, the best advice we can give is to dive in.

You don’t need to go whole hog into the look—you can start small with a few bold pieces or just one key piece of furniture.

Start with what interests you most: do you like bold colors? Are there big pieces of furniture that would work better in this scheme than others?



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