Modern Family Room Ideas : 7 Best Guides

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Modern Family Room Ideas : 7 Best Guides – Family room styles are as varied as the families that live in them.

The best thing about family rooms is that you can create your own style and make it your own.

You have the freedom to choose anything from bold colors to sleek furniture that expresses your personality.

Mellow blues and neutrals

When it comes to color schemes, it’s said that less is more. A palette of neutral tones will pair well with any other color you choose, and they’ll help keep the space looking subtle and calm.

For example:

  • Use an array of muted browns, tans and grays paired with white or cream furniture. You can add in some soft blue tones to make it look modern.
  • Opt for textured leather chairs that are darker than your walls so they stand out against them. These also look great when they’re paired with a light-colored rug or flooring material like wood or stone tiles that match your cabinets’ finishings. You can even try using black and white as an accent if you want something bolder!

Warm wood tones

Warm wood tones are associated with comfort and coziness, but the warmth of a wood tone depends on the type of wood. For instance, oak is a warm-toned color, while maple is cooler in hue.

The same goes for other types of timber: teak is warmer than cedar, which itself has more warmth than pine.

If you want to create a cozy (yet modern) family room that feels like home away from home, try creating an accent wall with warm-toned planks or tiles that complement your existing decor.

You can also use richly colored fabrics and upholstery on seats and sofas to add some warmth to your space.

Cool grays

Gray is the perfect neutral color for a modern family room. It’s versatile, not too loud and can be used with various other colors without clashing.

You can use it as an accent wall or as an overall color scheme in a room with kids. Gray is also great for any other room of the house, including kitchens and bathrooms.

Masculine leathers

If you want to add a masculine but cozy vibe in your family room, leather is a great choice. Leather is durable, flexible and offers the perfect balance of comfort and style.

It’s also an incredibly versatile material that can be used for seating or as accents throughout your space.

Depending on what kind of modern family room design you have in mind, there are several options for incorporating leather into your home:

  • Sleek sofa

For a sleek modern look with an industrial feel, consider choosing dark brown or black leather sofas in place of more traditional fabrics like linen or wool that may clash with the rest of your decor.

  • Accent chairs

If you’re looking for something more subtle than sofas covered in leather upholstery then consider adding some accent chairs upholstered in this material instead!

This adds just enough of an edge while still keeping things casual enough to match other furnishings around it (assuming they aren’t too busy).

Statement lighting

When you’re looking for family room lighting, it’s important to think about the space in terms of its overall design.

A large, open room will naturally have more light than a small room with many walls and few windows.

If your family room is long and narrow (or even if it’s square), you may want to consider installing two or three light sources instead of one.

If you’re going for a traditional style, use lamps on either side of the couch or chairs as your focal point.

If contemporary is more your style, try hanging lights from above so they hang down over the center of conversation areas or coffee tables; these can be used to create an intimate atmosphere when dimmed low enough.

Minimalistic black and white

Black and white is a timeless design style that will always be in fashion. It’s a classic look that you can use for every room in your home, including the family room.

Black and white furniture is easy to find but does not have to be boring. Try mixing black and white with other colors in the same piece of furniture or accessories, such as lamps, pillows and rugs.

You can also use artwork that features black-and-white photos on your walls instead of having paintings with vivid colors or landscapes that are not monochromatic (single colored).

Create your own family room style.

Here are some tips for creating your own family room style:

  • Choose a color scheme.

You can go with the traditional brown, cream and black combination or choose colors that match the furniture in your living room. For example, if you have a brown sofa, use a warm beige as an accent color.

  • Choose a style.

If you want to create an elegant look in your family room without spending too much money on furniture and accessories, try combining modern pieces with antiques such as old chests of drawers or armoires.

If you prefer something more casual, go for rustic decorating ideas like unfinished wood tables or benches with pillows made from old clothes sewn together by hand.

  • Choose a theme.

There are many ways to set up themes in this space: kids’ rooms; playrooms; home offices; television rooms; reading nooks where guests can sit down while they’re waiting for dinner to cook…


I hope that you now have some ideas for your own family room. Whether you go with one of these styles or create your own, I’m sure it will be a great space for you to spend time with the ones you love.



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