Dining Room Wall Decorating Ideas : 5 Brilliant Tips

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Dining Room Wall Decorating Ideas : 5 Brilliant Tips – Your dining room is the best place to show off your personality and your taste, but it can be a challenge to create a space that’s both comfortable and stylish.

There are plenty of ways to personalize your dining room, though—from painting the walls in a bold color to adding art that reflects your interests.

One of my favorite ways to do this is with wall decor: I love putting up vintage mirrors or paintings on the wall so they’re right above my dining table. But don’t stop there!

You can also add other items like frames or shadowboxes that hold special mementos (like photos or ticket stubs).

Go vintage

Dining room wall decorating should be a beautiful and creative way to showcase your style. But even if you’re not particularly artistic, that doesn’t mean you can’t create something really special.

The best way to make sure your dining room walls are visually interesting is to find vintage items and incorporate them into the design of the room.

Vintage pieces have a lot of character and can help take any space from boring to unique in seconds.

Here are some places where you can get antique-looking pieces:

  • Thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, antique shops
  • Online auctions

Create a statement wall

A statement wall is a large, bold piece of art that becomes a focal point in your room. The art usually uses all or most of the wall behind it.

You can use one main color for your space, or choose a patterned design with multiple colors if you’re not afraid to have fun with your décor.

Some popular options include:

  • Removing existing furniture from the dining area and placing it on another floor in your home.
  • Using wallpaper instead of paint on one wall or ceiling surface so that it creates an unexpected element in the room and adds interest wherever people look first when entering this space.

Use the architecture of your dining room to your advantage

Gallery walls are a great way to create a cohesive aesthetic in your dining room. By using the walls, you can organize photos and art pieces in an organized way without it feeling too cluttered or chaotic.

If you have high ceilings, consider creating a gallery wall on one side of the room and then adding lighting above each piece so that they’re all visible!

You can also use the ceiling space as a focal point – just make sure that you don’t hang anything directly above where people will be sitting at the table below!

This can lead to accidents with glasses falling off or something worse happening if someone bumps into it while eating dinner or talking with friends during their mealtime experience.

Add a gallery wall

A gallery wall is a collection of art or framed photos hung in a horizontal or vertical format on a single wall.

This can be done in the dining room, but it’s also an option for your kitchen if you have an empty space above your cabinets.

Gallery walls are one of the easiest ways to show off your favorite pieces of art and give your space some personality!

Try a shadowbox-style frame

Look at the size of your dining room, and look at the size of the frame. If you have a small dining room, don’t hang a huge frame on the wall.

Similarly, if you have a large dining room and plan to fill it with art or photos, think about how big those frames will be when they’re hung on the wall together.

Make sure that your frame isn’t too heavy for hanging. The last thing you want is for something heavy to come crashing down onto your table during dinner!

Consider style options such as these: wood frames with metal hardware; glass ones with gold accents; dark brown stained pieces mixed with lighter shades like cream colored ones (or white).

You might even want two different styles altogether depending upon which one fits better within each particular region where light direction falls differently depending upon whether it’s day time or night time outside–so make sure not only does everything match up aesthetically well but also functionally

You can smartly personalize your dining room.

When you’re looking for wall decorating ideas, consider the architecture of your dining room. The shape and size of the room will have a lot to do with what will work best.

If the space is rectangular or square, try hanging a gallery wall across one end of that area. This will help use all the available wall space and create visual interest in an otherwise plain space.

If your dining room has very high ceilings or open floor plan, consider using shadowbox frames to display some favorite keepsakes or mementos.

You could also go vintage by adding some rustic décor pieces like barn wood tables or reclaimed wood shelves above cabinets—adding in some greenery on top helps bring life into this type of arrangement too!


There are so many ways to decorate your dining room, and we hope our tips have inspired you to make it uniquely yours.

No matter what you choose, remember that the key to any great design is balance and flow. You don’t need everything on every wall!



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