7 Elegant Shabby Chic Christmas Decor Ideas

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7 Elegant Shabby Chic Christmas Decor Ideas – When you think of Christmas decor, you probably envision a pretty white tree with twinkling lights, festive red bows and a heaping pile of presents under it.

But if your budget doesn’t allow for that kind of extravagance this year, don’t worry: You can still have an elegant Christmas without breaking the bank.

We’ve rounded up some easy-to-do shabby chic Christmas ideas that will make your holiday season merry, bright and beautiful without requiring any high-end accessories or decorations.

Vintage Christmas tree

For example, you can use a vintage tree stand to add some shabby chic style. These are available at antiques shops and flea markets.

They are usually made of cast iron and have a beautiful design. You can also find one that has been repainted in pastel colors if you want to match your decorating theme.

If you prefer not to use an actual Christmas tree, try using a faux one instead. These are made of plastic or wood, but they look very similar to real ones when decorated for the holidays.

They come in different shapes and sizes, so choose what will fit best into your room space or table area where it will be displayed during the holiday season!

Repurposed decor

Repurposed decor is a great way to recycle items, save money, be creative and environmentally friendly.

If you want to add some shabby chic charm to your home this Christmas, there are many ways to do so without spending much money at all.

There are so many thrift stores out there that will have the perfect piece of furniture or accessory for you!

A rustic Christmas mantel

The shabby chic look is all about the things you don’t see. You won’t see any extravagance or glamour in this decor, but you will see some beautiful old wooden pieces that add character to your living room.

If you have a ladder laying around, it would be perfect for this look! It’s rustic and imperfect; it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Place a few candles on top of the ladder and voila! You have yourself a mantelpiece! If not, then find an old wooden box that could work as a mantle.

Another idea is to use two boxes together; one on top of another one (the bottom one with its lid removed) as a table where you can display your favorite Christmas decorations like snowmen figurines or pinecones from last year’s harvest season.

Shabby chic Christmas stockings

  • Use a vintage stocking.

If you have an old family heirloom, or just find one at a flea market, use it as your shabby chic Christmas stocking.

  • Add a monogram or other embellishment.

If your child’s name fits with the theme of your decor, consider adding their initial to their shabby chic Christmas stockings with some simple embroidery work (or even just writing out their name).

  • Use a shabby chic stocking holder.

There are many different styles available for purchase online and in stores; some even come with built-in ribbon hangers so that no extra decorating is needed!

DIY mason jar Christmas decorations

  • Use a mason jar to make a Christmas decoration.

Make sure the jar is clean and dry, then use painters tape to cover the area where you want your design to be.

Paint around the edges of the tape with any color you like. Let it dry, then remove the tape and peel off any excess paint from inside of jar.

  • Use a candle and string of lights to make a Christmas decoration

Place string of lights inside candlestick holder (remove candle first), then place on table or mantle so that they can be seen in different directions throughout house.

  • Use ribbon to make a Christmas decoration

Wrap ribbon around form; secure by tying off ends together at backside if desired – now hang!

  • Use an ornament as part of your shabby chic decor

Find an old ornament with something special about it — maybe one that was given as part of gift or comes from family member who no longer lives — then display prominently on mantelpiece alongside other decorations.

Natural Christmas decor

You can use natural materials to decorate your house for Christmas. Some ideas include pinecones, twigs, branches and flowers.

You could also use natural colors and textures such as white and brown. Try to use materials that are found in nature so they look more natural.

An old jewelry holder for your tree ornaments

  • Use an old jewelry holder for your tree ornaments. It’s not just for jewelry anymore!
  • Use a bucket or box for the base. Why take up valuable space on your tree when you can use something that would be otherwise collecting dust in a closet?
  • Use twine or ribbon to hang the ornaments. If you’re feeling fancy, try some Christmas ribbon as well!
  • Use a small tree for a centerpiece. These mini trees are perfect to place on tables during Christmas dinner parties and will look great paired with some other shabby chic decor such as burlap bows and candle holders!


Hopefully, our ideas have inspired you to try out some new shabby chic Christmas decor.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, we recommend checking out Pinterest (we are loving this beautiful rustic Christmas mantel right now).

As always, we encourage you to be creative and use what you have on hand—even if that means using some old jewelry boxes or frames as storage containers for your decorations!



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