8 Front Porch Decor Ideas For Christmas

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8 Front Porch Decor Ideas For Christmas – What’s the first thing you see when you come home from work or school? If it’s a drab front door, it might not be as inviting as it could be.

The good news is that there are plenty of fun and easy ways to upgrade your entryway this season — even if your budget is tight.

Here are some of my favorite festive ideas for decorating your home for Christmas:

Arrange a Candy Cane Lane

When it comes to Christmas decorations, nothing is more festive than a candy cane lane. It’s simple and classic, but also adds a fun pop of color that will make you smile all winter long.

To create your own, you’ll need:

  • A variety of different colored and sized candy canes
  • Large popsicle sticks (or something similar)
  • Smaller candy canes (for lining the walkway)

Use Christmas Lights

Use Christmas lights to decorate your front porch.

  • Use lights to decorate your Christmas tree. This is a great way to stay festive year-round and gives you something fun to look at when taking out the trash or walking in from work late at night.
  • Use lights on your Christmas wreath—you can always switch them out depending on whether it’s winter or summer!

Greet Guests with Wreaths or Garland

Wreaths and garlands are easy, inexpensive ways to decorate your front door for Christmas. Wreaths can be made from pine cones, holly, berries and other natural items.

Garlands can also be made of many things including ribbon or yarn in festive colors.

Make a Holiday Welcome Sign

  • Use a chalkboard paint.
  • Get a large piece of wood, and lay it on a table or work surface.
  • Use stencils to create your design. You can make your own stencils if you have the supplies and know-how, but I’ll show you how to use ready-made ones in this step!

If using ready-made: Apply stencil with painter’s tape over top and bottom edges of sign; line up center point on each side; then apply second layer of tape for extra reinforcement.

If making your own: Have fun! It doesn’t matter what size or shape you cut out from the canvas as long as it fits within the outer dimensions specified by whatever type of sign (poster, plaque) we’re going after here today (this will help determine how many sheets we need).

Use Oversized Ornaments

  • Use a variety of sizes.
  • Use a variety of colors.
  • Use different types of ornaments.
  • Use ornaments that are handmade, unique, and/or vintage (i.e., grandma’s old candlesticks).

Frame the Entryway with Boughs of Holly

  • Use real holly, or artificial holly.

Real holly is a traditional Christmas decoration, but if you don’t have access to it and want to save money, opt for artificial. You can also use ribbon or twine to attach the holly to the door.

  • Use green, red or white holly (or mix all three colors together).

The colors of your wreath are up to you—reds and greens are traditional colors of Christmas decorations like “Boughs of Holly” but any color will work well in this space!

Fill a Bowl with Firewood and Pine Cones

Choosing a container is the first step. You can use a metal bowl, such as this one from Target, or you can go for something more natural like a wooden bowl or basket.

It’s best to choose one that has some depth so you have room for the firewood and pine cones.

Next, add in your cinnamon sticks and pine needles.

You could also add a few pine cones if you want them to stand out more as well as some ribbon around the edge of your container if you want it to look more festive!

Add in a candle (or two if they fit) before placing everything on its side on top of your firewood stack.

Finally, tie a bow around your tag with string or twine so it’s ready for hanging when guests arrive on Christmas Eve night!

Create a Christmas Foyer Archway

If you’re in need of a Christmas archway, there are several ways you can create one. The first is by using a wreath or garland to form an “arch” shape over your doorway.

If decorating the front porch doesn’t seem like something you’d want to do, or if it’s not possible for some reason (for example, if you live in an apartment), then maybe another option would be better suited for your needs.

If so, then a tree would be great! You could simply place a small artificial tree in a large planter pot or directly on top of the porch itself.

This way it won’t take up much space and will still look nice while also being useful as decoration!

You can make your front door look festive.

A front door is often the first thing people see when they come to visit, so it’s important to make it look welcoming.

Your front porch can be decked out for the holidays! The great thing about this project is that you can do this yourself, or hire a professional.


We hope these ideas have inspired you to decorate your front porch for Christmas. Try our tips for creating a festive space that will welcome guests and make your neighborhood more beautiful.

The best part about decorating for the holidays is that it’s fun for everyone, whether you’re in charge of planning the whole display or just want to add some personal touches!



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