Modern Tropical Interior Design : 7 Best Ideas

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Modern Tropical Interior Design : 7 Best Ideas – Tropical interiors are a blissful blend of exoticism, beauty and comfort.

Tropical style takes its cues from the verdant forests and pristine beaches of countries like Bali or Brazil, but it can be adapted to suit your own tastes (and climate) if you have the right furniture pieces and accessories.

Here are some ideas for creating your own tropical interior:

Sliding wooden doors

Wooden doors can be a great choice for your tropical interior. While glass doors are traditional, wooden ones are more suitable for the tropics.

They provide a measure of privacy, without the need for curtains or blinds (which would likely get damaged by the heat).

Wood also provides insulation from heat and lower humidity levels throughout the day.

This can help keep your home cooler in summer months, which is especially important if you live in an area that experiences hot spells during certain times of year.

Wooden partitions between rooms make it easy to create separate space with only one wall separating them.

These types of partitions can also be used as room dividers within large spaces that don’t have walls dividing them up yet.

Sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors are a great way to bring the outdoors in. They can be used as a partition between rooms and the outside, but also as a window.

They’re perfect for places that require extra air circulation, such as in kitchens or bathrooms.

Sliding glass doors are also great for creating an open layout in your modern tropical interior design.

They will help you break up any monotony that may arise from having too many traditional walls and other partitions between rooms.

Folding doors

Folding doors are a great choice for small spaces. They can also work well in rooms that don’t get much natural light, as they help to enhance the space by adding a feeling of openness and light.

Folding doors can be made from many different materials, including wood, metal, and glass.

This type of door works well with modern interior design because it allows you to have an open floor plan without compromising the aesthetic of your room’s decorating scheme.

Curtains instead of doors

Curtains are often a better choice than doors in homes that have open floor plans.

They make it easier to control the amount of light, which is especially important during the summer months when you probably don’t want your house to feel like an oven.

source : DigsDigs

Curtains can also be made from a variety of materials—including sun-blocking fabrics such as burlap and canvas—and come in any color or pattern imaginable.

This lets you tailor them to your specific needs (like blocking sunlight on certain days) while still making sure they match the rest of the room’s decor.

If you’re looking for privacy, curtains offer another benefit: they allow homeowners to customize how much or how little space they want between their home and its surroundings by putting up just enough material so guests can see out but no one can see in.

And if all else fails? You can always use them as an opportunity for interior design flair!

Canopy beds with mosquito nets

Canopy beds are an excellent way to keep the pesky insects out of your room. They can be made from a variety of materials, but metal is often used because it’s so durable.

The bed itself can be made from wood, bamboo or metal and decorated in any style you like—it will fit right into any modern interior design!

Canopy beds offer many benefits besides just blocking out bugs. They make the room feel more spacious and give a feeling of being outdoors without having to go outside.

Because they cover more area than other types of beds do, they’re also great if you have kids who need privacy when sleeping at night time (or if you just want some privacy for yourself!).

Rattan furniture

Rattan is a material used to make furniture, and it’s a good choice for modern tropical interior design.

It’s made from a type of palm tree that grows in the rainforests of South-East Asia and parts of Africa.

Rattan furniture is durable and easy to clean, which makes it suitable for outdoor use. It can also be made in a variety of styles, making it versatile enough to work with most interior decorating schemes.

Tropical plants in the decor

Tropical plants are beautiful and exotic. They bring a sense of the tropics into your living space, no matter how small or large it is.

These plants are also easy to maintain; all you will need is some water and some sunlight!

You can find tropical plants at any local nursery or online at places like Amazon and eBay.

Also, if you have a green thumb or know someone who does, ask them if they have any spare plants they don’t want anymore; this way you can get high-quality ones for free!

You don’t need to live in a tropical place to adopt its style.

Tropical style is a great way to add color and texture to a room. It’s not just for sunny climates! In fact, you don’t need to live in a tropical place to adopt its style.

If you’re thinking about using tropical interior design elements in your home, here are some ideas:

  • Choose vibrant colors like orange, green and yellow. Use them on cushions or pillows as well as wallpaper or paint.
  • Add natural elements such as palm trees or ferns (real or artificial).
  • Incorporate materials like rattan furniture and woven baskets that have been handcrafted by local artisans.


You can incorporate the tropical style in your home without having to go all out with plants and flowers, but it does require some effort.

Make sure you have the right furniture for this style, such as rattan chairs with cushions or canopy beds and mosquito nets.

You can also use curtains instead of doors if you don’t have enough space or don’t like sliding glass doors.

Finally, consider using tropical plants that are native to your area so they can grow well without any problems!

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