35 Unique Outdoor Halloween Decorations Ideas

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35 Unique Outdoor Halloween Decorations Ideas – You’ve probably got your Halloween costume and candy ready to go. But have you thought about how to spookify your house?

This year, don’t just throw up some spider webs and call it a day—consider the following unique Halloween decorations for your front yard, porch, or patio.

Lighted pumpkins

Lighted pumpkins are a great way to add some light to your Halloween decorations.

They can be used as a focal point for your outdoor decorations and they can also be used as a focal point for your indoor decorations.

These will give you the look of having a candle inside, but in reality it’s just electricity that is being transferred through the pumpkin.

You can make these at home with items you might already have around the house! All you need is:

Spooky windows

This project is a little more complicated than the others, but it’s also a lot of fun and will make your windows look awesome.

You’ll need to buy some materials from the store, including:

  • Black paper or fabric
  • Glue sticks (you can use hot glue if you have it)
  • Colored lights (if you want them to glow in the dark)

I like to cut out a few shapes that form an eye shape and use those as templates for cutting my window material into circles.

I then glue them onto each other so they’re all connected, making sure not to overlap any edges at all so nothing shows through when I hang them up.

You can decorate your window decoration with anything spooky or Halloween related—bats are popular choices here!

Hang up your bat decorations with string by tying one end around something sturdy on your wall (like a hook), then knotting the other end around one corner of each bat decoration before hanging all of them together from their strings.

Skeleton and gravestone displays

  • Spooky window displays.

The first thing most people see when they approach your home is the front door, so why not make it an extra scary one?

A skeleton or gravestone display will do the trick and make you look like a creative Halloween genius.

  • Gravestones and skeletons.

These are perfect for any outdoor space, like a garden or patio.

You can change up how you display them each year to keep things fresh: maybe surround your stone with pumpkins this year, then add some ghosts next year!

  • Spooky dinner bell with skull design.

Just ring it and watch as all of your guests run into the house screaming in terror before dying from lack of food intake (sorry).

  • Giant spiders

Giant spiders are also great for scaring friends and family members who don’t appreciate them scurrying over their bodies while they sleep at night — just don’t plan on seeing them again anytime soon once they leave your home!

Monster welcome mat

This is ideal for any doorway that you want to stand out. It can double as a fun decoration and as a welcome mat that your guests will see when they enter your home.

To make sure it’s big enough to cover the whole doorway space, look for one that is at least 4 feet wide by 9 inches tall.

If you have kids who are eager to get in the door when they come over, or if you’re a bit worried about how slippery floors can be during the rain or sleet of Halloween night, then consider buying an indoor/outdoor mat with rubber backing instead of just having an open rug on the floor.

These types are made from thick woven material which won’t easily slip in wet conditions like snow or raindrops falling from leaves above us onto our heads while we walk outside next week!

And finally…if you want something really cool then try this! Add some motion lights underneath each corner so passersby can see them glow whenever they pass by in their cars late at night (or early morning).

Giant spiders

Here are some spider ideas:

  • If you want to make your own spiders, use paper, plastic or cloth. To hang them from the ceiling, use fishing line and attach it to the top of each spider’s head. You can also hang them from above hallway doorways as an alternative way to keep nasty trick-or-treaters from sneaking inside your house.
  • Place a few large plastic spiders on the floor in front of all entrances so that when someone opens the door, they’ll step on them! (This trick usually works well.)

Black crows

These make for an easy alternative to a traditional jack-o-lantern, and are a fun way to decorate your home for Halloween.

You can use materials you have lying around the house to create them, making them great if you’re low on funds. They’re also easy to make, but they’ll still look really cool!

Spooky dinner bell

A spooky dinner bell is the perfect way to add some ambiance and atmosphere to your Halloween party.

The trick is choosing a bell that’s loud enough for guests to hear, but not so loud it scares the neighbors!

  • A large, clear glass bell will be easy to see and easy for guests to see that it’s been rung. If you don’t want guests tinkering with it too much (or if your cat likes ringing bells), then you could use an antique brass or silver tone for a more classic look.
  • You want one that’s durable so you won’t have any problems bringing it out year after year. Don’t forget about storage either—if you’ve got limited space in your home or apartment, make sure the item fits easily into cabinets without taking up too much room when not in use.

Mummy coolers

There are many different types of coolers you can use for your Halloween party. A mummy cooler is one of the most interesting and easy to make.

To make a mummy cooler, you will only need some old clothing and duct tape.

Start by laying out several pieces of clothing on the floor in front of you so that they form a long rectangle with no extra material hanging off at either end.

Once you have laid out all your clothes, take another large piece of cloth and fold it into thirds across its width (like folding a bed sheet). Now wrap this over the first layer as shown below:

Then wrap duct tape around the seam where each layer meets. Keep wrapping until there are no gaps or holes visible through which liquid could leak out.

These fun Halloween decorations will help you get into the spirit of the holiday.

Whether you’re decorating your own home or hosting a party, these DIY projects are easy to make and can be used for any other season or occasion.

You’ll find great deals on supplies at your local craft store, so don’t worry about breaking the bank when putting together this look.

The best part? You don’t even need to be an expert crafter—you can use a variety of items from around your house for these Halloween decor projects!


There are many different ways you can use these ideas to decorate your home or yard for Halloween.

If your budget doesn’t allow for a lot of elaborate decorations, consider using some of the simpler ones listed above and adding them together in a theme throughout your property!

35 Unique Outdoor Halloween Decorations Ideas

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