The Best Flooring Options for Your Living Room

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There are so many different ideas to choose from when it comes to decorating your living room. However, you probably want to select one that best fits your personality. The living room is where guests often visit, making it essential to have a welcoming vibe.

The Best Flooring Options for Your Living Room

Before you decide to look for carpet fitters in Colchester, have a look at your options. Living rooms can look fantastic if you put your mind to it. Here, we give you some of the best flooring options, including traditional and experimental designs.


Hardwood floors are some of the most recognizable designs in history. They look timeless and elegant, transforming the most ordinary living rooms into sleek and stylish ones. You can decorate the polished hardwood with a well-designed carpet. Hardwood floors fit different furnishings and layouts, including Asian or European-influenced decor.

You may choose from options like strip, parquet, or plank wood. Many types of wood are used to craft the smooth look, such as mahogany and oak.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are another common choice for living room floors. If you want waterproof flooring, then opting for ceramics might be the path to take for you. They are also resistant to stains, so you do not have to worry too much about coffee or soda spills.

Also, ceramic tiles are very durable. They can last for years and still look new. You have the option to go with glazed or unglazed tiles. Glazed tiles have increased resistance against stains and humidity. However, unglazed tiles have a rawer look that fits some houses. Regardless of your choice, ceramic tiles are easy to clean. That means you can easily remove dust and other forms of dirt.


Carpeted floors are another excellent choice. Wall-to-wall carpets are among the most common living room layouts due to their versatile and stylish vibe. Floor fitters everywhere are experienced with this layout due to its popularity.

Carpets come in all sorts of colors and textures, so you have many choices to choose from. You can have this opportunity to showcase your personality. Which art styles do you like the most? The carpets you choose can reflect them.

Of course, carpets are also known for being warm and cozy. Whether you select a natural or artificially made carpet, these all give off an inviting ambiance.


Marble floors are another long-standing option. People all over the world love the feel and look of these materials. There are different hues and colors to apply, and the marble has a refined and textured look. Many houses even get increased value if they have marbled floors!

They also last a long time. Vintage marbled houses from the 60s and 70s still look elegant and current, even today. If you want a durable but posh ambiance, marble is the one for you.


Last but not least is vinyl. This inexpensive material is sturdy and stylish. Many designs these days have a pseudo-wood or pseudo-marble look if you think it is impractical to shell out so much money on the real deal. Vinyl can replicate the look without being too expensive, and it will still feel premium and comfortable on the feet.

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