Does Brand Matter While Buying Kitchen Chimney

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Does Brand Matter While Buying Kitchen Chimney

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen into something that looks aesthetically pleasing, the best way to do so is to renovate it into a modular styled kitchen. Modular kitchens make the most of the space provided and look great once set up in the right manner. Modular kitchens once coupled with the right kitchen chimney can be highly aesthetic.

Kitchen chimneys are actually really brilliant appliances. They allow you to keep a cleaner environment inside while making your kitchen that much more exciting to look at. If you cook a lot and tend to make a mess in the kitchen, trust me, a kitchen chimney would prove incredibly helpful.

There are several advantages to having a chimney in your kitchen, but choose the one that suits your needs. Take a good look at all the information about how to use the chimney, its features and what to look for at the time of purchase.

When it comes to what to look for in a good kitchen chimney, there are a few things to look at. Chimney type, size, suction power, design, and filter type are some of the most important aspects of a kitchen chimney.

The price and brand might be overlooked most of the time, but they are also important points to look out for. A best kitchen chimney brand might not be as obvious, but Bosch and Hindware produce some of the best appliances out there.

What matters while buying a chimney?

The chimney is intended to remove hot exhaust fumes from the living area to the outdoors. Traditional chimneys are designed vertically to allow hot gas, which is thicker than outdoors, to rise up the chimney.

When it comes to cooking Indian food, or fried food most importantly, the spice fumes that rise up can slowly settle on your walls and cause a whole lot of gunk and grease build-up on the walls around your kitchen. If you do not have an outlet in your kitchen, like a window, or an exhaust, these fumes can carry on into your living space essentially settling on each and everything.

The clean up process is not easy and can take a lot of time and effort. Even simply boiling water radiates steam which can cause this build-up of grease.

Yes, an exhaust might prove to be beneficial to your cause as well. However, by the time the fumes are moved out by the exhaust, the grease has already settled. For the best results, an electric chimney proves highly useful. Since it essentially removes fumes as soon as they build up, electric chimneys help not just reduce the grease, but effectively completely removes it.

Kitchen Chimneys, and how to buy them

Bringing a chimney into the kitchen not only makes cleaning easier, but also keeps the indoor air cleaner and gives the kitchen a certain aesthetic appeal. The most important things to consider when buying a kitchen chimney are –

  1. Chimney style – There are three types of kitchen chimneys most commonly used in India: wall-mounted, island, and built-in chimneys. The chimneys that are mounted on the wall are effectively immovable post installation. The island chimney is rather unusual as it is mounted in the center of the kitchen instead of just over the stove. Built-in chimneys are rather good since you can get them installed while you are building your kitchen. All three are viable options and can be used by anyone. However, if you have your own house, an island, or a built-in chimney is a better option. Otherwise, a wall-mounted chimney proves just as useful as well.
  2. Filter – There are multiple types of filters that can come with your chimney. Mesh, baffle, and carbon are the most commonly used ones. Carbon filters are great but require replacement, mesh filters do not require a lot of maintenance, but do require cleaning. Baffle filters are super long-lasting and keeps your kitchen free from all fumes and odors.
  3. Suction – When it comes to suction power, most chimneys come with two to three different modes to choose from. Paying more for your chimney might make sure that your appliance would be potentially perfect for use.
  4. Size – Kitchen chimneys can get incredibly huge. It would prove unthoughtful if you do not check the size of your desired chimney against the space you have available in your kitchen.
  5. Design – Kitchen chimneys are just as functional as they look good. You would have to make sure that the product you are getting fits in well with the existing decor in your kitchen.

That is more or less what you would need when you are buying a kitchen chimney. Your work cleaning would prove incredibly easy once you get a good enough kitchen chimney installed.

If you are still not sold, here listed are the advantages of kitchen chimneys,

  1. Clean air – Obviously kitchen chimneys are made for cleaning the air while cooking, so they do that job perfectly.
  2. Looks great – An aesthetically pleasing appliance in your kitchens can really help upgrade your experience.
  3. Clean walls – Since all the fumes are removed from the kitchen, the chimney also helps in keeping your kitchen as clean as possible.

So, there you have it. Kitchen Chimneys are no doubt some of the best and most useful appliances out there. Finding the best one might prove difficult, but armed with the right information, you can easily find the one that works best for you.

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