27 Unique Porch Decoration Ideas

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Do you remember when a porch was simply a structure on the outside of your home that was there to protect those coming into your house from the weather? How about the time when it was a simple wood or cement foundation, maybe with a few columns or railings, on which you set a rocking chair and watched the world go by? Well, say bye-bye to that. Porches have reached a new frontier.

There are some many porch ideas available today that no matter what look, feel, or use you want or need, you can design to your hearts content!

The most common outdoor porch ideas – especially front porch ideas – center on furniture and decor. Homeowners are thinking twice about just plopping down an old chair or sofa with a rickety table. Their horizon of porch ideas reaches far into the realms of stores and design houses, filled with specialty fabrics, eclectic or retro furniture styles, and unique decorative accents. People are even putting up curtains (and who ever saw that coming?).

If the open, exposed porch was not getting enough attention, let’s talk about enclosures and all the screened porch ideas that abound in this environment. You will find homeowners including better furniture, pricier d├ęcor, higher grade window treatments, and even top-notch lighting. It us almost has if they built a full-fledged addition onto their home (and in some ways, they have).


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