23 Top Disney Room Ideas

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Thinking about creating a Disney Princess theme room for your little girl? If your little girl is crazy about Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Belle then she will definitely enjoy being surrounded by them while she sleeps and plays in her room.

There is plenty of Disney Princess room d├ęcor available for decorating a Disney Princess room. A Disney Princess toddler bed is available for around $50. Because it is a toddler size bed it will be ideal for little ones between the ages of about two and five.

The pink bed features all her favorite Disney Princesses on the headboard and has removable bedrails to keep her safe. Disney Princess bedding is also available. Sets typically come with a comforter, pillowcase, and sheets featuring the Disney Princesses.

When decorating the room, you may want to consider a wall mural of the Disney Princesses. You can buy Disney Princess wall murals that come in pre-pasted panels that are applied to the walls like wallpaper. This allows you to quickly and easily create a giant mural of the Disney Princesses.


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