38 Cool Teenage Boy Room Decor

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Make your teenagers happy with the look of their bedrooms – allow them to
decorate it themselves. Give your kids a sense of autonomy and watch them take
on responsibility – it may pleasantly surprise you. Here are some suggestions
that can change the look of a room with relatively little expense.

Painting a bedroom is an excellent way to change its entire appearance with
minimal cost. Add interest by using deeper and stronger colors rather than
neutral ones. Try painting the ceiling for a change. Stencils, rag-rolling and
sponge painting add texture. Ask your local paint shop about different

Consider blackboard paint for a section of the wall – or all the way around the
room. This allows them to express their creativity (or do their homework) –
especially if your teenager enjoys drawing. If you have the time or inclination,
or if your teen is particularly good at painting, a mural might be something to
consider. A logo of a favorite sports team can take up an entire wall (go

Some teenagers are pack-rats and accumulate a mountain of assorted treasures.
They may not have enough room in their closets for all their stuff, so it ends
up under the bed and all over the floor.


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