42 Lovable Small Place Gardening

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Limited space cannot be a reason in not having a garden. Not many have vast area to afford large gardens and even if it is available many don’t want to have big gardens. What is important to have is a small space garden to enjoy growing plants. Small size gardening is excellent for those who are short of time and are still interested in gardening.

A small space can easily be designed to be formal or structured garden. The order and geometry of formal design for specific geometric shapes can expand the area by leading your eyes through it. It is very important to keep the plant materials in scale. Taking advantage of the vertical space is one of the best ways. Using climbing roses and jasmine to spill over the boundaries or walls can soften the design and shape. This way small shape gardening can be made a real source of joy.

In small space gardening, it is necessary to limit the color and types of plants to avoid visual confusion and give a more pleasant and natural feel. Having a lot of pink and white, for example, with limited plant material, repeated from place to place so it moves your eyes around the garden is worth trying.

Even long and narrow spaces can be developed into beautiful private retreat points. Shape it well and use the proper plants. English Daisies and pansies can be tried out here. Narrow space gardening can make even odd spaces look magnificent, waste spaces can be converted to lively gardens.

You can throw charm to small space gardening by adding a tier tower garden. Children can be motivated to begin such a garden without much work. You can make a herb garden or low maintenance garden (for people who don’t have much time), A tier tower garden is ideal for planting different types of plants for door step decorations or patios.


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