40 Lovely Jaccuzzis Ideas

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When people refer to a hot tub or a spa, they often think of the word Jacuzzi. The terms are often used interchangeably but Jacuzzi is actually a brand name. So the term should be Jacuzzi tubs or Jacuzzi hot tubs.

When you start shopping for Jacuzzi tubs, there are a number of issues to bear in mind. Firstly, where are you going to put it? I know that sounds obvious, but many people dont consider the consequences of putting a hot tub inside the house, upstairs or even in the basement. They need a room with plenty of air circulation to keep drywall from mildew or rot. It also needs plenty of weight support to hold all of the water. Putting one on the second floor is not a good idea, unless it is a small bathtub Jacuzzi. A basement hot tub is not a good idea either since the walls can hinder ventilation and cause added damp problems.

The ideal place for Jacuzzi tubs is in the garden or patio where you have substantial foundations to rely on. To enable all year round use you can construct a gazebo or small room around it. Windows can be used for ventilation, or to cool off on hot summer nights.

What size do you need? Do you like parties and entertaining? If so you will want to consider 6-8 person tubs. If it is just for you and your partner then a two seater will be perfect. Jacuzzi tubs come in a variety of sizes and shapes such as round, square, oval, kidney shaped. Some manufacturers supply a custom design and can be made into a shape to fit a unique room.

What often determines the price is how many jets there are are inside the tub and how many settings these jets have. Settings on simple models can just be set to either high or low, but more advanced models will offer multiple choices for water speed and angle as well as options such as waterfall and lights. Jacuzzi tubs require care to keep that at their best, and that includes taking care of the water quality. Water levels must be checked regularly and treated for bacteria using a variety of chemicals available to treat the water.

There are a wide variety of options to go with your hot tub. Steps up to the edge, bars and stools, TV’s, music centers, floating bars, drink holders, pillows and toys for the kids are just a few of the fun things available. One pretty useful accessory (if the tub didn’t come with one), is a cover. Hot tub covers should always be on the Jacuzzi when not in use, keeping excess dirt and dust out of the water and jets, keep wandering children out of the water (many are lockable) and reducing heat loss to keep your bills as low as possible. So get one that has some good insulation on it.

Don’t forget that apart from the initial purchase expense, there will be monthly expenses for maintaining¬†Jacuzzi tubs. Those expenses will be the electricity to keep the water at the right temperature, chemicals to keep the ph levels safe and water to keep it at the right level. Get all these things right and you will never regret buying a Jacuzzi tub, so seek professional help when selecting a hot tub for your home – you can often try them out at the dealers shop too.

So, there you have it. Now that you’ve been given a hint at ways to improve your well-being, the next step is up to you. Take this information and make use of it. It’s easier to do nothing, but in the end you will thank yourself for having taken action on this.


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