41 Awesome Brick Expose for Living Room

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Let’s face it: there’s something about an exposed brick wall that is really, really interesting. Even if you think exposed brick is a must-have feature in your next home, you’re still probably not going to be able to find a wide variety of places that feature indoor masonry. On the off chance that you’re actually able to find a place with brick on the inside, you might not be as lucky as you think.

There are all kinds of problems with actual brick walls, such as:

1. Crumbling mortar. If you think cracker crumbs in your bed are annoying, you’ll hate seeing dust mixed with little pebbles of mortar all over your floors.

2. Funky smells. Old brick smells like…well, old brick. It’s hard to describe what old brick smells like, but it’s the opposite of fresh.

3. Creepy Critters. You know all that crumbled mortar on the floor? When it fell out of the brick, it left a bunch of tiny hotel rooms in the wall for spiders, ants and other creepy critters to shack up in. Ick.

The solution, of course, is to ditch real brick altogether. Instead, create an accent wall using a brick wall decal mural! We have three great patterns to choose from, each providing the look of exposed brick, but without all of the smells, crumbs and critters. Feeling edgy? Layer graffiti wall decals over the brick wall graphic and you’ll have a truly unique wall.

With our brick wall decal murals, you can have exposed brick anywhere, any time. If you get sick of it, you don’t need to call in a construction crew – you just have to peel it off of the wall!


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