46 Soothing Autumn Landscape Ideas For This Season

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With summer winding down, it’s about time to think about the landscaping and cleanup projects you can do this autumn in preparation for the upcoming months. In addition to the obligatory raking leaves, fall is the ideal time to do a number of landscaping projects around the yard.

Fall planting is necessary for a vibrant spring bloom as is pruning. Aerating should be done to allow your yard to fully absorb and disseminate fall and winter rains or snow. While you may want to simply wind down, autumn comes with a number of landscape tasks that should be done to better ensure your yard’s health.

Fall is naturally associated with raking leaves. Many envision darkening afternoons of backbreaking raking and yet this chore can provide essential material for yard growth. Leaves can easily be converted to nutrient-rich mulch and spread over areas of your yard and garden.

As autumn approaches, it is essential that you keep mowing your lawn, although at greater intervals as the seasons change. In September you should cut back your watering considerably. This time of the year is, also, an ideal time to inspect your irrigation and fix any problems that become visible. By doing so, you can ensure an easy transition from winter to spring.

Aerating is additionally perfect in fall for it prepares your yard for hostile winter storms. Aerating allows your landscape to absorb and funnel water properly rather than having it store. Proper water runoff is essential for your lawn’s health and can make certain a better environmental impact. Many lawns, particularly in the Northwest, suffer from soil compaction which prevents nutrients from reaching roots. Aerating is one the best techniques to prevent soil compaction and should be done ahead of heavy rains.

Fall also is the time for planting. Spring bulbs should be planted during October and it’s highly recommended to plant small trees and shrubs in early autumn for them to establish healthy roots for spring. One should also prune existing trees and shrubs so as to ensure a healthy bloom in the spring.

With these tips you can prepare your yard and garden for the upcoming winter and spring.

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