45 Gorgeous Diy Luminaries To Spice Up Your Halloween Party

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How many times have you been to a Halloween Party and even though you have had a good time you’ve come away at the end of the evening with no impression or memory left with regard to the Halloween decorations – except perhaps for a few balloons hanging limply somewhere?

And how many times have you hosted a Halloween Party yourself and for one reason or another failed to really transform your home into something more akin for witches, ghosts and the undead?The probable answer for this is time and knowing what to do. And yet you can transform your home very quickly and cheaply if you know where to look and what to look for.

Making Halloween decorations doesn’t have to be dreary or a pain. It actually can be a lot of fun and you’re only limited by the power of your imagination. And if you are able to involve friends and family then you are going to have a really creative time.

The important thing to remember is that you do need to be a Master Artist.

There are so many different things that you can make from luminaries to wall hangings, from hanging spiders to pumpkin centrepieces, from ghosts to Halloween wreaths. The list is as only as long as your imagination.

And the really great thing about all of them is that they are so cheap to make with the vast majority of the materials you need already somewhere in the home. So you can save an absolute fortune in transforming your home into Dracula’s castle at very little cost to you.

Let’s take for an example an easy one such as the Egg Carton Bat.

For this you will need a clean egg carton. You can use either a Styrofoam or a cardboard one, but if you want to hang your bats outside from the trees, the Styrofoam ones will be better. Cut out three of the egg cups keeping them attached together. Cut out the front and back of the two outside cups. This will form your bat’s wings. Paint your bat black with craft paint. Again, if you want to hang them outside, you will want to use waterproof paint. Once the paint is dry, you can paint on a scary face with white paint or glue on googly eyes.

Then use a pair of scissors to poke a hole in the top of the middle cup. Take a piece of string and make a knot large enough that it won’t pull through the hole and put the string in the hole. Now you have your egg carton bat ready to be hung from wherever you want. Make several of these for maximum spookiness!

And when the lights are low and the night moves in these bats do look tremendously effective! If you hang them low enough from a ceiling they will brush past people’s faces which can be great fun in a dimly lit passageway, hall or corridor!

The important thing to remember with all of this is of course is that does take a little time to put it all together. But a few hours work will be fully justified by the finished results. And they can be reused next Halloween!

So this Halloween, put those creative skills to play and start transforming your home into the macabre.

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