41 Ideas For Your Garden From The Mediterranean Landscape Design

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The charming elegance of Tuscan landscape design is ideal for a relaxing, livable outdoor area that complements today’s luxurious homes. The plant life within a Tuscan garden reflects the simple, laid-back lifestyle of Old World Tuscany while showcasing the elegance of exotic Mediterranean vegetation. Lush green leaves, intriguingly gnarled citrus trees, and sweet, aromatic herbs can transform your yard into a beautiful Tuscan oasis.

Rooted in the farming culture of coastal Italy, the Tuscan garden style thrives on functionality. A planting plan that allows easy maintenance, simple irrigation, and nearby access to the home’s interior is an important part of this outdoor style. Choose flowers, trees, and shrubs that are common to Tuscany and the Mediterranean, but that will also grow easily in your climate and soil conditions, for a beautiful landscape design that is easy to care for.

Selecting Trees and Shrubbery for a Tuscan Garden

Tuscan landscape designs are full of lush evergreens that provide year round life and color. Trees and shrubs provide shade, accent walkways and patios, and create barriers throughout your property. Consider these suggestions for your Tuscan garden:

  • Live oaks provide shade with their sweeping limbs and continuous color with their evergreen leaves.
  • Olive trees are also evergreens and are typical of Mediterranean gardens, offering unique texture and shape.
  • Italian Cypress tree is a signature plant in Tuscan gardens and is often planted in rows.
  • Citrus trees, like orange and lemon trees, are wonderful accents, especially planted in large terra cotta pots.
  • Boxwoods and bay trees are perfect for unique topiaries and are terrific borders for drives and walkways.

Italian Vegetable and Herb Gardens Add Texture and Fragrance

Fresh vegetables and herbs have always been an essential part of a Tuscan garden. Vegetable and herb gardens are aromatic, add texture, and are quite practical. These plants are a vital part of creating the colors and smells associated with Italy and the Mediterranean.

Herbs, including basil, sage, thyme, and other Italian spices, make beautiful container gardens for a landscape design of any size. Pots of lavender lend a sweet scent familiar to Tuscan gardens and can be planted within flower beds for more variety. Colorful vegetables, especially those used in Italian cuisine like tomatoes and peppers, are equally important. Small vineyards create an elegant display as well.

How to Create a Beautiful Tuscan Garden

The lush shade trees and intriguing topiaries, as well as the savory vegetables and tender, aromatic herbs, are integral parts of a Tuscan landscape design. Enchanting vines and blossoming flowers are also essential. The placement of the plant life determines the effectiveness and attractiveness of any garden design so a detailed planting plan is a must.

Because most plans are generic and fail to address the specific characteristics of the Tuscan garden style, many property owners decide to use the services of a professional design service to guarantee an authentic Tuscan garden.

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