40 Helpful Tips For Autumn Update Of Your Garden

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Trees and shrubs are perfect for adding new life to your garden. If you are wondering how to make your garden seem more alive and updated, then you may want to add a new tree. There are hundreds of different kinds of shade trees that you can choose from. You could add a flowering tree as your new tree if you wanted to. A new tree can change the look of your entire landscape, and it can also open up possibilities for brand new landscaping ideas. Adding a new tree is a great way to get a jump start on your gardening this season.

Shade trees are well-loved by most gardeners. They provide shade, are beautiful, and attract lots of wildlife such as songbirds to your garden. A river birch is a great tree to add to your garden. These trees have large, arching branches that grow close to the ground, and are the perfect place for children to climb.

The leaves are dark green in summer, yellow in fall, and these trees do well in northern states. Shade trees can boast vivid colors in the fall. Autumn Blaze maples are fast growing trees that have bright red leaves in fall, and they grow in such a way that you don’t have to do a lot of pruning.

A flowering tree is the way to go if you want to add flowers and a tree to your garden. Tulip poplars are a very popular flowering tree, and they have yellow, tulip-shaped flowers that bloom in the late spring. A flowering tree like the Tulip Poplar is fast growing, and adds a beautiful look to your garden.

A flowering shrub is another great way to get both greenery and flowers. The crepe myrtle is a well known flowering shrub that has beautiful purple flowers. Another popular flowering shrub is the forsythia. This shrub has beautiful golden flowers and you can choose to let it grow wild or trim to a shape that suits your garden.

Shrubs are great for getting additional privacy to your garden. Holly trees are shrubs that stay green all year long, and they can be planted in such a way that you can have a living wall that surrounds your garden. You’ll need to prune the shrubs when they reach the height that you want, but these are hardy bushes and you’ll need to tend to them less than you would other kinds.

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