49 Simple And Creative Ideas Of How To Reuse Old Doors

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When buying solid wooden doors, one thing that can always be counted on is their durability.And while they also look great on both the inside and the outside of your home, it’s entirely possible their physical integrity may outlast your desire to keep using them.For a multitude of reasons, you may one day wish to replace your perfectly good existing doors with new ones.But if you do, what’s to be done with the old ones?

As a natural material, the wood can of course be recycled. However, reusing is always a better option, as far as the environment is concerned.In today’s home decor market, that often means upcycling, or making something new from something old.As solid slabs of finely produced quality hardwood, your old wooden doors are prime material for a few upcycling projects of your own.From the garden to the bedroom, and elsewhere in the home, here are a few ideas for how you can reuse your old doors when installing new.

Looking good in the garden

Adding wooden furniture to your garden is one of the most common things a homeowner will do, with endless varieties of tables, chairs, swings, and benches available brand new.However, for a more unique addition, consider making your own furniture from your old doors.

The solid slabs of wood are ideal for making rustic benches or porch swings, and will last a lifetime with the right treatment.For something more decorative, French doors with the glass removed make a wonderful trellis for vines to climb, while wooden doors can also be stood up to create completely original arbors, archways, or garden gates.

Being resourceful in the bedroom

Old wooden doors can be upcycled and used anywhere in the home, and the bedroom should be no exception.Twin wooden doors, painted to match the headboard or other colors in the bedroom, can be placed behind nightstands and have sconce lights installed on them for a vintage touch.

Alternatively, old wooden doors can have full height mirrors added to them and be used as practical floor standing statement pieces in the bedroom.For those with larger bedrooms or multiple wooden doors to upcycle, three doors fitted together make a unique and flexible room divider.

Upcycling wooden doors in the home

In truth, there is nowhere in the home that upcycled doors can’t be used.Adding shelves is a simple operation, and the door can then be fitted to any kitchen or dining room wall, or used as bookshelves in a living room or study.Doors can even be cut in half vertically and used for corner shelving units.Hanging a wooden door on a sliding rail is also a great way to conceal narrow shelves on a kitchen wall, creating a shallow pantry, or to hide away flat-screen televisions when not in use.

For families who like to leave each other written messages, whether practical or lighthearted, chalkboard paint can transform any old doors into handy surfaces on which to do so, and at a size that will surely not be missed by the intended reader.If you have solid wooden doors right now and are thinking about replacing them but aren’t sure what to do with the old ones, upcycling could well be for you.In reusing the wood, you’re doing something good for the environment while also gaining a new item of garden furniture, an addition to the bedroom, or a practical new piece elsewhere in the home.

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