43 Creative Ways To Repurpose Reuse Old Stuff

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Today’s article was written to inspire you to think outside the box and maybe even find some uses for things that have been taking up space in the garage for years. Here are some unexpected and fun ways to reclaim space in your home.

1. Have you ever considered that your stairs are a waste of space?

Well they are – unless you are also using them as storage!Consider turning your steps into drawers! Pull out these drawers to store shoes, out of season wear, or just about anything that will fit in a 6 inch high drawer! Maximize your storage space even further by adding storage shelves under the stairs. These can be used for books, decorative items or… you could even turn them into a fabulous wine rack.

The only limit when it comes to stair storage is your imagination!

2. We don’t usually recommend a specific product but…

Ikea has come up with a box spring that is more than just an empty waste of space. This clever item is also a place where you can store winter blankets! When it’s time to flip your mattress, Voila! You can grab those blankets out of storage at the same time. Also consider ottomans which have storage areas inside to store blankets or other items that you use in your family room or living room. It’s a great way to keep them handy AND out of sight!)

3. Private Place for Kitty in Plain View.

If you have a cat, a litter box is in inevitable and unsightly addition to your home. Consider hiding the litter box inside of an old cabinet. Just cut an opening, place the litter box inside and now kitty has a private place to take care of business.

There is one shelter in Colorado (pictured left) that took this clever idea to the next level. To honor their founder who also plays in a rock band, the shelter repurposed an old electric guitar amplifier. Inside was the perfect kitty bed. If you’re into rock and roll, consider using a really large amp to hide that litter tray. And here’s a little known litter secret. Pine pellet litter DOES NOT SMELL – at all. So if you’re concerned about having a tell-tale odor giving away your clever kitty place, pine pellet litter will instantly solve that problem!

4. Turn an old playhouse into outdoor living space

Once the kids move away, what are you going to do with that old play house? Well, you could use it to store tools (boring) or you could repurpose it into a mini retreat room! Add outdoor furniture, some rugs and cushions and you’ve created a nice “secret” space all your own. Or, if it’s a tall enough structure, consider using it for outdoor entertaining. Add a small bistro table and chairs if it’s small or a larger table if space allows. What a lovely place to sip some tea and enjoy your garden!

5. Got kids at home or grandchildren who visit regularly?

What child wouldn’t love a wall that’s a chalkboard or a giant magnet? By adding a magnetic area to a wall in a child’s room, kids can have the fun of playing with magnets without making your refrigerator look cluttered. Painting chalk paint on a wall allows for loads of creativity without the clutter of a giant chalk easel. Both of these features can be enclosed by a frame if neatness counts, or you can just free form it on the wall. These also allow you to create special messages for the kids (like a greeting or the “lunch menu”) in a fun and engaging way.

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