35 Top Super Smart Diy Storage Solutions For Your Home Improvement

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Have you ever felt like you don’t have space in your home? It’s very easy to feel cramped when you start receiving gifts, new furniture and having children. Space is very important whether you have a family or not. Here are some useful Do-It-Yourself storage ideas.

The simplest and easiest way to save space is by keeping boxes or containers under other furniture. That space never gets used and what better way to keep toys, books and shoes tucked away. Put wheels on these containers for easier handling.

Artists, children, craftsmen and project makers always have stationery lying around. These handy home tools also tend to get lost in the depths of drawers or between stacks of paper. To solve this problem, all you need to do is put that stationery inside empty tins. Tins are the most versatile recyclable material and you could decorate them too. You can also keep cooking utensils in tins decorated with a kitchen theme.

Are you the type of person that has millions of shoes that just lie all over the place? You can easily fix this problem by stacking plastic piping together or use an old wine rack. By doing this you never have to worry about shoes falling out of your cupboards.

Showers don’t have a large area of space. So it would get annoying if you constantly have shampoo and soap bottles falling on you or around your feet. It is well known that showers have an incline to allow water into the drain. This will also make those bottles slide to the centre of the shower to exactly where you are standing. Cut a plastic 2 litre bottle halfway through and add a hook at the top of the bottle. Hook the plastic bottle to the shower handle and you will instantly have a shower gel holder.

We know that there are ladies out there that have an incredible, colourful collection of nail polish. Doesn’t it just get on your nerves when you have to dig through a bag and not find the colour that goes with your dress? Make use of a spice rack. Not only does this stick to a wall but it also gives you extra drawer space.

An easy solution to store hairdryers, curling irons or hair brushes is to put them inside a file holder. These fit well on the inside of bedroom cupboards and nightstands. It’s also easier to reach. This could also be used for shampoos, conditioners and household cleaning items.

These are a few handy solutions for your storage problems.


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