46 Most Amazing Rooftop Pools That You Must Jump In At Least Once

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There is nothing more relaxing on a vacation get away or a weekend relaxation trip than visiting one of Los Angeles’ excellent roof top hotel pool sides. Two good examples I can think of are the Standard hotel downtown and Dreiss downtown. With excellent hotel management, the guests are taken very good care of as they sip cold drinks on the numerous big relaxing pool chairs as they listen to live music played by the hottest DJ’s in town.

These rooftop pool side venues are in party mode in the morning as well as nights if the weather is good. Not only can guests relax outside in the pool side listening to music, tanning, swimming, drinking or looking at the fantastic view they get from some of the highest building peaks in LA, they can also step indoor to enjoy more lavish hotel management results in the form of spas, massages, and saunas. Depending on what day it is or what kind of special event is going on, the pool parties may or may not require the guests to be on a guest list or sometimes they may limit the pool side attendance to hotel guests.

These hotel pool sides are also very popular spots for shots and scenes in movies and TV shows. They are easily one of the most glamorous yet affordable places in Los Angeles after all. Another example of such a hotel also with a unique experience with its workers excellently trained in hotel management is The London in West Hollywood. At this location, Los Angeles really does feel like the city of angels with its panoramic views. They offer pool concierge services and poolside cabanas for private dinners, parties, weddings, or events. Unlike the other two previously mentioned in this article, this hotel is not located in downtown.

Instead it is on the famous sunset strip. This hotel is even more luxurious that the ones mentioned before as hotel staff provide luxurious food bites, perfectly chilled cocktails, mini smoothies, and a variety of fruit samples directly to your pool side spot. A similar pool side location is the Chamberlain in West Hollywood. It is a little less luxurious than the other hotels mentioned but still offers a very great view and relaxing experience. I will recommend these four hotels as definite check outs if someone is coming into Los Angeles for the first time or even lives in the city and needs a weekend getaway from the hectic daily life styles. These roof top pool site guarantee fun, sun, refreshment, and ultimate relaxation!


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