45 Majestic Photos That Will Make You To Fall In Love With Paris

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Paris, also known as the city of love all around the world, is the capital of France. It is the first thing that pops into our mind when we think about a romantic getaway. It is a place for people in love and the people who are romantics at heart. But little do we know that Paris is so much more than romance. The place has so many other attractions that even if you’re not a romantic, it will still make you fall in love with itself.

The first and foremost attraction of the place is The Eiffel Tower. The tower was built between the years 1887 and 1889 and has a structure of wrought iron lattice. It was named after Gustave Eiffel, the engineer who designed and constructed it. The tower is considered to be one of the most romantic spots around the globe. It has also become a famous spot for proposing to your significant others. Visiting the Eiffel Tower, you will probably find a few people around it on their knees in the middle of their proposal speech. If you’re thinking of popping out the question to your spouse, well then Paris is the place to be.

But Paris isn’t just a romantic getaway. It is a city that will satisfy your love for food as well. The city is also popular for its warm, just out of the oven buttered croissants that you get to eat while dinning out on the sidewalks and gazing upon the beautiful architecture of the city. Don’t like croissants? Well then no problem for you because the city still has a lot to offer you. It’s wide variety of French dishes and desserts will keep the foodie inside you satisfied for a long long time; so much so that you probably wouldn’t want to leave the place anytime soon. In short, the city is heaven on Earth for anyone who loves and appreciates good food.

However, if you are not a romantic or a food lover, fret not! Paris still has a lot to offer to you. Even though the place can provide you with all the state-of-the-art facilities you can possibly think of, it still maintains many historical architectural structures which will satisfy the wanderlust in your soul. The city houses the famous Cathedral of Notre-Dame, which is said to be built in the middle ages, and is also considered one the finest churches of the world. The same cathedral has also been the place of origin for the famous novel ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. Other than that you also have the opportunity to visit the Triumphal Arc or the Arc De Triomphe, the arch shaped monument was built as a tribute to all the soldiers who fought and died in the Napoleonic Wars. Paris also provides you with the opportunity to explore the world’s largest museum, The Louvre and its glass pyramid which has been featured in many fictional books and movies.

Paris, city of love has the ability to blindside you and steal your heart- whether you’re a romantic, a food lover or a simple tourist with wanderlust in your blood.


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