44 Strange Hotels That Will Make You Raise An Eyebrow

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Hotels have been built in a number of weird places using a plethora of odd materials. From haunted castles in Scotland to barges on Amsterdam’s canals, here are some of the more unusual and best from around the world.

The Ice Hotel
Although the first ice hotel was built in Lapland, several more are now been constructed for winter in Sweden and Canada, these structures then melt in spring and are rebuilt again when it gets cold. The first ice hotel was carved out of a glacier, and has been an unusual sleeping option for nearly twenty years; its increasing popularity has seen two more ice hotels built in Finland. Visitors sleep in reindeer fur on ice carved beds. It makes for a cold but unusually popular honeymoon destination.

Tree house Hotels
From Kerala in India to Costa Rica and African Safari destinations, tree house hotels are an expensive but fun gimmick for tourist the world over. Visitors liken it to living in an adult tree house, as the structure of these luxury hotels are built within the branches of the trees, and wildlife can be spied on in their own habitat.

Old Airplane Hotel
This disused airplane is in the depths of the South American rainforest. The image may conjure that of a rusty old wreck, but in actuality it has been refurbished to a very high standard, to match the $300 plus US dollar per night price tag.

Underground & Cave Hotels

Underground and cave hotels can provide cool relief from the harsh conditions of deserts, or provide just an interesting place to stay. Famous cave hotels can be found in many different places across the globe from an underground hotel in the English countryside to some interesting and historical caves in Spain, Turkey and the hot deserts of Jordan. Coober Pedy in the Australian outback is home to an underground hotel that used to be an opal mine.

Old Bunker Hotel
Several old bunker hotels are in operation across Europe. Ex-nuclear bunker accommodation is available in Switzerland and Albania for a somewhat odd, but certainly safe sleeping option. But one in particular stands out; it is a disused Government naval bunker. A man-made island bunker in the Solent channel, in England, and it rents for about £25000 per week.

Under the sea hotel
The under the sea hotel in Florida is a wonderful spot for tropical fish enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby. Guests have to scuba dive to access the hotel that can then be slept in without the need for oxygen. There were plans for one to be built in Dubai, but the construction of this Persian Gulf odyssey was cancelled in 2004.

Under a lake hotel
A Scandinavian revelation, the Norwegians have built an underwater hotel in a lake incorporating the natural beauty of it’s countryside with an unusual luxury for daring tourists. Perfect for a dip after a long Swedish sauna the Utter Inn in Lake Malaren is accessed by a lift from the roof of the hotel in the middle of the lake.

So next time you book a night in the Travel Inn, reconsider, if you are near something more unusual it might be well worth a visit.


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