43 Fearsome Cliff Side Houses With Amazing Views

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The Ancient Cliff House (Guyaju), ‘the largest labyrinth of China’, equaled an important breakthrough associating to the discipline of old Chinese population who occupied the north of the nation. Nevertheless, no accurate record of it has ever been determined, so no one acknowledges its precise roots. Approximately 92 kilometers (57 miles) from Beijing, the mansion was cut from the rugged cliffs dominating Zhangshanying Town, Yanqing County. The fascinating mansion compound has over 110 stone rooms, and is the biggest cliff abode ever found in China.

On either side of the sharp cliffs, adjoining stone houses, orthogonal and square, big and tiny, were constructed. The houses alter in size, from more than 20 square meters (24 square yards) to 3-4 square meters (4.5 square yards). A few are interconnected vertically, while some are interlinked horizontally. A few hold an exclusive room, while the others own 2-3 joining rooms. Stone steps, and stone ladders are utilized to join the floors of a whole cliff mansion. Stone lamp-stands, stone fireplaces, cupboards, and troughs in the undermines, the windows and gates all continue as suggestions of their cryptic ancient dwellers. Some mansions were constructed with kangs, a sort of bed which can be fired up from beneath on low temperature days.

The most captivating one is a 2-level stone house, with 6 delicately etched stone columns propping it up. Inside the house, there is an annex carrying a little room with a stone table, stone stools, and a wide stone bed. This superbly fabricated stone room is at the peak of the cliff house, and is believed to be the abode of a principal of the time. Standing on its top level, tourists can witness a brilliant vista of the nearby regions.

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