40 Of The Most Attractive White Sand Beaches You Must See

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It’s summer time in the beach. People enjoyed the sparkling splashed of the sea. Some took the opportunity of lying in the white sand and made themselves warm by the droplets of new rays of sunshine. Others were allured by the musical echoes of the chasing waves welcoming them into the blue beach bath. Children had their share of happiness too by their games of sand statue,castle games and playing “Laro Ng Lahi” (cultural games) while the fishermen docked at the seashore in their day’s catch prided their livelihood to their wives, family and friends.

With this cycle of each one’s life in the beach, unknown to many were the friendships of the white sand and the seashell. They were there in the beach for the longest time ever sharing moments of cherished friendship.

The white sand inquired “Why people keep on enjoying themselves while hurting others? And why they don’t feel the pain of being pressed after all those feet step on me?”

The seashell replied “Oh my friend, they don’t know about what you and I feel until they become one!”

“But how?, when? They will continue hurting and even killing us day by day!”, said the White Sand to the Seashell.

“We will just wait for the time, it’s our Maker who will decide for that time to come. For the time being let us enjoy the pain that people brought us”, replied the Seashell.

But suddenly a big wave splashed angrily to the two friends and in an instant both of them were thrown separately from each other. People cried and asked for help. The joyful summer turned into the moaning pain, anguish, agony and anxiety by relatives at home and the people in pain. The beach turned into the ocean of blue wide sea washing every bit of laughter in a minute before.

When the tidal wave subsided, the beach turned peaceful again. The musical notes of the waves never gave any signs of a tragedy. The moon rose as its time and the stars glittered buttoning the sky. However, every little creature in that beach before was silent too. The eerie silence killed the lone creature ever alive except the White Sand.

“Seashell, where are you? Where are you please, please tell me where are you?.

But never a call was answered. For several years, the White Sand was alone in the beach. No one to talk to. He remembered how he disliked the laughter of the people as they pressed hard on him. Now, he was alone, no one to watch, no one to step his back and rob his tired muscles.

He began to feel lonely and deserted. He missed all those views before and the crowd of people playing and leaving their footsteps on him and most of all he missed his friend- the Seashell. He was there for several years- alone and lonely.

One day, a splashed of wave woke him up and something perched at his back. Someone licked him and when he opened his eyes, he could not believe it!. He was breathlessly surprised. It was his dear friend – the Seashell being dropped unintentionally by a lone fisher.


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