39 Top Most Tranquil Tropical Resorts For Your Dream Vacation

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Tropical resorts can be one of the perfect holiday destinations for everyone including couples. With the exotic location and beaches, they have become one of the most popular destinations for those who are looking for romance. For the couples who are planning to have vacation to tropical island for invigorating break, the following are some recommended romantic resorts you can visit for your perfect holiday.

The Fiji Islands

Fiji islands provide you a perfect gateway and beautiful landscape. They are group of islands which are situated in South Pacific Ocean. They have some luxuries for you such as white sand, clear water, and hot sun. There are some Fiji Islands which are still unspoiled such as Turtle Island. This island is known as the top ecotourism resort throughout the world. This privately owned island is known as the haven for the wildlife. It also boasts thousands of trees. In this island, you can also book one of the holiday cottages which are available for you.


Tahiti is situated in South Pacific Ocean. It has some Islands offered with the lush tropical and secluded landscapes which will be good choice for couples. Tahiti has 118 islands with 40 of which are uninhibited. The island will be the favorable for loving and romancing. It also offers you picturesque volcanic mountains along with the boasting turquoise lagoons, this will be the romantic backdrop for some outdoor activities such as snorkeling, hiking, scuba diving, and also sailing.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known as one of the most favorable wedding destination for couples in the world. This is situated in Central America. With a good protected country, it boasts a wide range of bio diversity. 30 percent land of this country is protected by national park and biological reserves that have more than 5 percent of animal and plant species in the world. It also offers tropical rainforest, cloud forest, pacific coast line, and also numerous waterfalls which will impress you with the picturesque landscape.


Hawaii is situated in Central Pacific Ocean. It has a group of eight volcanic islands. With the great landscape, it will be the right destination for the couples who look for romance. Instead of volcanic mountains, it also offers you some other fascinating activities, such as cruises, scuba diving, general beach relaxation, and spa treatments. With the sun shining, you will love playing or bathing at the beach.


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