44 Design Ideas How To Incorporate Minimalist Style In Your Kitchen

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If you look through any home decor book, you will likely see a lot of kitchens with the sleek and stylish ambiance of the contemporary home decorating style. This style makes use of a minimalist look incorporated with sleek lines and clean colors. Below are a few tips on how you can get this modern look in your kitchen.

Window treatments are key for any kitchen but with the contemporary style, less is more. Decorating with curtains or sheers with this design style in general works good, but ensure they are minimalist in design – nothing fancy. Adding some simple blinds might look great or you could even leave out the curtains all together and just go with a simple valance at the top.

Be sure to choose kitchen furniture such as your table, chairs, bar stools and bakers racks which balance the overall interior design. You may try shopping for items that are birch wood or stainless steel to compliment the contemporary home decorating style. Think about sleek linear style items to keep your kitchen looking in modern style.

Lighting fixtures may be expensive, but usually if you do your shopping at outlets, you could pick out ideal lights to complete this decorating style. When decorating with this type of design style, you’ll need your lighting fixtures to be simple. Think about adding some overhead lighting to your kitchen in this home design for a magnificent look – recessed lighting is great but be sure that you get task lighting as well as some ambient lighting to set the mood.

The kitchen floor should be easy to clean but still enhance the d├ęcor. A nice hardwood in birch or a mahogany stain will look great. Tile can go well too but you want to be careful not to get too fancy of a design in the tile. For area rugs near the sink and door go with simple sisal or bamboo mats.

Accessories are a critical ingredient in any decorating style but in your contemporary kitchen, it might be best to include only a few simple items. Perhaps a contemporary vase with 1 long flower in it would add appeal without clutter?

Decorating with Contemporary home decorating style in your kitchen is great way to uncluttered your style and make your kitchen more relaxing to be in.


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