42 Functionally Decorated Contemporary Powder Rooms

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A half bath or powder room may be the place to indulge your decorative fantasies..

This can be especially true in a busy household with young children.

Consider who will be using your half bath or powder room before you begin. If it is not primarily for family overflow, and will be utilized mostly by guests, a powder room can be the place to indulge a few decorative whims until your children are older.

The half bath or powder room is a good place to put a little extra luxury and special or fancy decor.

A pedestal sink or a whimsical vessel sink may not be right for the main bathroom while children are still small, but could work well in a powder room which is mostly used by your visitors, and it can give you a place to show off a little.

A special piece of bathroom vanity furniture could provide a focal point for your style in decor whether it is vintage, contemporary or somewhere in between. Vanity furniture pieces are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Since powder rooms usually have few fixtures decorating is much less expensive. You won’t need a lot of storage in this room, so this is the perfect place for a fancy mirror, either new or one that is a flea market find to which you have added a special finish.

Add some whimsy and extra decorative touches. If this room does not have a shower, wallpaper might be in order. Choosing the right wallpaper could add a very elegant look and feel.

And, speaking of elegance, the powder room might be the right place for a very special floor treatment. Since powder rooms are smaller, laying special flooring will be much less expensive than in a larger bathroom

How about a little art? This could be a great place to show off a special art piece.

Pretty towels, fancy little soap dishes, nice window curtains if this room has a window. Let your decorating spirit be free as a bird and pull out the stops. Have fun and indulge yourself. Make your powder room a very special place.


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