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Big things come in small packages. This is what the Italian village of Tellaro seems to embody as it mesmerizes tourists with charm and beauty. Nestled on a dramatic harbor at the eastern most tip of the Gulf of Poets (Golfo dei Poeti) and surrounded by cliff-top roads, Tellaro can be found in the renowned province of Liguria, Northern Italy. And because it is in the same region as other more prominent towns like Portofino and Vernazza, Tellaro is often overlooked by tourists. Nevertheless, it is every bit of picturesque as these other towns, and without the crowd.

With a history that goes all the way back to the Etruscan times, Tellaro has managed to maintain its small fishing village persona – serene and laid back, despite its every potential to become a tourism magnet. There are no upmarket shops or fashion boutiques here. What you have is the vast expanse of the ocean staring out you. While in Tellaro, you will rediscover the simple delights of life such as walking through narrow alleys and strolling squares, as well as taking photos of pastel buildings perched on the cliffs. The village’s colorful harbor and seafront section on a small rocky peninsula can inspire the sleeping poet in you.

The village is quite small so you won’t have any problem exploring all of it in a day. If you stroll up the hill, you will come across the ancient Church of San Giorgio, whose history is believed to have dated back to the 6th century. In this area, you will also find the main square where locals often hang out. If you feel like sitting down and having a drink, there is also a lovely cafe where you can do just that.

To get the most scenic view of the coast, follow the path that connects Tellaro to San Terenzo. Even though there is no beach in Tellaro, you can still satisfy your sunbathing and swimming in San Terenzo as it has one. If you are more a hiker, you can leave the coast for a while and make your way to the hills behind the town. This is where the Montemarcello Magra Regional Natural Park is situated, and this area offers plenty of trails that will make nature enthusiasts satisfied.

Tellaro’s size makes it an ideal day trip destination. However, it also makes an excellent base because it is not congested with tourists. The village also has its fair share of comfortable accommodation that can cater to the preferences of any traveler.

Once you are settled at Tellaro, you can easily arrange trips to other neighboring attractions including the five villages that compose the famous Cinque Terre coast. The nearby town of Lerici is also a hidden travel gem. It is only about 5 kilometers east of Tellaro and is connected to the village by an absolutely panoramic coastal road.

Tellaro’s culinary heritage like in other places in Liguria province is highly celebrated. Thus, there are many excellent restaurants available to you in the village. One of outstanding ones is Locanda Miranda, which has been awarded a Michelin star. You should also not leave Tellaro without tasting its sumptuous tart made of chicpea flour called farinata.


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