37 Modern Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Bathroom

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With Halloween comes the excuse for a spooky get together with friends, family and neighbours. If the party will be hosted by you and you intend to decorate your house then don’t forget the room everyone is likely to visit – the bathroom. You could keep it very simple and just put up a spooky shower curtain like one covered in bloody handprints or one with a scary shadow. The¬†Psycho¬†shower curtain is quite popular for a quick scary makeover that will make a few of your guests jump.

If you have a guest toilet separate from your main bathroom then you absolutely must have a toilet tattoo. This latest craze in toilet art allows you to choose a zombie hand emerging from the depths of your toilet bowl, spiders or even snakes to adorn your toilet seat.

The best part is that they are easy to remove. A quick bathroom makeover can be achieved by purchasing a whole Halloween themed set which includes shower curtain, bat shower curtain rings, toilet seat and tank covers as well as a U-shaped mat.

Skeletons can adorn your bathroom buy purchasing a bag of bones to place in the bath or shower, or in a pile under the sink or in a corner. You could get a skeleton to sit on a chair or even one to hang on the door. Skulls candles are great for the windowsill and a spooky talking hand soap dispenser is a must for the sink.

Toilet roll can be held by another skeleton and you must not forget to switch out your normal towels for some Halloween themed ones. Toilets can be adorned with toilet seat covers, toilet tattoos, tank covers and bloody clings. The shower curtain is often the largest focal point in the bathroom so make sure you choose a suitable patterned curtain or just stick with plain black and get some themed shower curtain hooks.

If your bathroom has windows, there a great window clings available, perfect for front of the house windows to scare the trick or treaters. As a final touch consider a spooky themed collection of songs to add some real atmosphere to your Halloween bathroom.

Some people may choose to keep a spooky style bathroom all your around – particularly if they like all things gothic. So whether you choose to just change your shower curtain or add some themed hooks, or add a toilet tattoo to your toilet seat or completely transform your entire bathroom – have a safe and spooky Halloween!


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