39 Comfy Master Bedroom Design Ideas

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A master bedroom should be the perfect retreat from whatever is going on in the rest of the home and place where you can really kick -back and relax. Here’s a few tips to ensure you create a master bedroom design that ticks all the right boxes.

  • Keep your master bedroom clutter free. Even if you’re the kind of person who tends to have stuff everywhere, try to keep it out of the bedroom. You’ll probably be surprised by how much this helps you relax at the end of the day, not to mention how much easier it makes the room to live in.
  • Make sure you think about the position of the bed above everything else. Normally, two people share the master bedroom so if this is the case you need to be able to access the bed from both sides. Otherwise one person will always be climbing over the other, which isn’t an ideal situation.
  • Think about clothes storage a lot as well, especially if there are two of you. Fitted wardrobes are great for planning out your clothes storage but they can take up an awful lot of room. With a bit of research, you’ll probably be able to find an equally useful storage solution that doesn’t eat up valuable space. A bonus tip is to buy wardrobes with sliding doors, as it means you don’t have to worry about whether or not you can easily open them.
  • Consider painting the ceiling white if it’s not already that colour. No matter how bold you want to be with your decor, a white ceiling creates an impression of height and extra space.
  • Most importantly, treat yourself. It’s your home and you deserve to have some luxuries in the master bedroom. Whether that means spending a bit more on your bed or paying for that stylish flat screen TV, do something to remind yourself that you made it possible.

Hopefully these master bedroom design ideas will stand you in good stead. Good luck and happy designing.


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