48 Minimalist Bathroom Bathtub Remodel Ideas

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Planning a fresh new bathroom can be very exciting when you check out all of the glossy magazines featuring wonderful bathroom concepts. On the other hand, you do want to take care and not become caught up by the variety offered. Possibly you have always wanted a large walk-in steam shower, but when you only have a tiny bathroom with no hope for extending, then you might have to be satisfied with the type of shower that goes over bathtubs.

Moreover if you need to reduce your dreams slightly, a newly redesigned bathroom can still look fabulous with new decorations along with updated finishing touches.  I know my bathroom looks so much fresher with just a coat of paint and new bathroom accessories.

The main design and style of your new bathroom may well revolve around whether you are opting for a bath, a standalone shower or both. A classic bathroom with a claw foot antique bathtub  looks amazing coordinated with traditional design decorations and accents, but won’t blend so nicely with an innovative steam shower. In contrast if you should you favor a high tech, glass and chrome, shower enclosure, you could put together using a similarly current vessel sink, and minimalist bathroom fittings and accents for a totally modern bathroom redo.

Aside from selecting your new bathroom fixtures you will also want to decide upon the exact bathroom decorations.

Wall decorations in a bathroom will usually consist of mostly ceramic tiles, but here the choice is huge. A couple of totally different trends appear at the top of the list right now.

The first trend is for larger natural stone or marbled effect tiles completely covering the floor and all walls in a bathroom. Thus giving a really fresh looking room and is very low upkeep. However, should you choose all white or even grey stone appearance these could make the room feel cold and uninviting. Perhaps you may favor the pleasant sandstone colors in travertine tiles with the effect having tones of gold, cream and orange. The other very popular tiling influence is a total opposite with every surface tiled with tiny mosaic ceramic tiles in toning hues or to produce a design around the walls and on the floor. Personally I prefer to have my walls paintable at least halfway up, that way I can change colors whenever I choose.

One particular component that could thoroughly change the way your bathroom feels is the bathroom lights. If you’re getting your bathroom totally refurbished you might like to integrate recessed lighting built in the ceiling. Or to give your large bathroom the luxurious look what about a chandelier over a jetted tub? You might combine this with identical decorative sconces for an all out luxury effect.  If your bathroom is small any full sized chandelier might be overwhelming however you can attain a similar impact by using chandelier style lamp shades along with dangling crystal drops for all of the beauty but without having the hazard of hitting your head.

An essential factor to bear in mind when redesigning your bathroom may be the requirements of all of the family members who will be using it. If it is to generally be your main bathroom and you’ve got children, then this design should also be suited to them. For example, there is little point in adding an enormous bathtub if most of the household favors a standalone shower. If you live by yourself or the bathroom you’ve planned is your bedroom ensuite then you can definitely please yourself on the design, fixtures and accents.


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