49 Glass Railing Divider Designs

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The advent of modern technology in residential and commercial construction has brought on newer and newer possibilities in aesthetics and functionality of properties.

One of these is railing systems that are predominantly seen in apartment complexes as well as in commercial and public buildings. They definitely add greater elegance and make a style statement like no other.

Railing systems are used as barrier for homes and offices to divide spaces between rooms, as frontal barriers to provide a division between an enclosed inner area and an open outside area, as preventive barriers alongside balconies, or in flights of stairs; the possibilities are endless.

The advantages of incorporating railing systems are many. Especially with material like glass or vinyl which gives a clear view of the outside, there is a definite aesthetic advantage.

Material used for railing systems

The most often used materials are glass, vinyl and aluminum; the reasons are not difficult to understand. Primarily they include:

• Easy installation
• Safety aspects
• Competitive pricing
• Variety of designs and shapes
• Low maintenance
• Long lasting i.e. free from decay and corrosion

Unlike wooden and metal railings that can rot or rust, aluminum railings are made in compliance with requirements of residential and commercial building rules and they are also engineered and tested accordingly. Besides, the solid anodization that the aluminum undergoes provides a clean and untarnished look.

Most construction material companies now offer railing designs that can be configured with glass or other options to help create a customized architectural look that fits with the needs of specific building projects.

As for glass railings, building standards require that laminated and toughened glass are most preferred for private and residential buildings while for public and commercial buildings, the standards are dictated by building design and the load in the specific location. These factors are taken into consideration by structural designers and engineers.

Other factors that determine usability

Railings can be fabricated according to specific applications and approved through computerized designs before actual fabrication; hence they are popular building options that are economical and long lasting. In addition, railings that are powder coated with zero-emission elements are an environmental advantage because they provide the option of recycling at the end of usage or should change in design be necessary.

While safety, style and economics dominate the usage of aluminum and glass railings, there are some other important pointers too that determine their suitability. The top three factors in this category are:

• Price and budget
• Environmental impact
• Conformation to state and national building codes


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