41 Simple Bathroom Accessories You Can Copy

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Adding bathroom accessories to your room takes some consideration and will depend on several factors. The design of one’s home will ultimately steer you toward your design theme. For instance an old world style home should have a bathroom designed for that era as a modern style home should be more modern.

The biggest thing about bathroom accessories is the need for them to bring your room to life with a personality of its own. Creating a space that will give you comfort and functionality is what we all want in the end. Some of us may want to try for a more fun filled room while others are more into an elegant and relaxed theme. Each bathroom in your home could be outfitted for the family members that use it most.

Remember your color scheme because it is important to continue the design into your bathroom accessories through the use of complimenting colors. Choosing colors that go with the lighting is also important when deciding on the best items. A dark room could use colors that reflect light better to create an illusion of it being brighter than it really is.

Let’s look at a couple of styles to choose your bathroom accessories from.

1. A bathroom with soft colored tones is often considered to be more muted or quite. The colors in this type of bathroom are soft and delicate. You may often see beautiful floral patterns in the shower curtains. Simple bathroom accessories can be used with this style. Frosted glass and light blue items are a real boost to the design of this style. The use of spa type towels adds to the luxury.

Greens as well as combination’s of light colors go really well with this type of bathroom design.

2. For those who are fun at heart a design that is specifically tailored to them could be created. Fun and playful bathroom accessories could easily be added. Shower curtains that portray fun facts and playful characters are a great way to spruce up this type of theme. Creating a tropical or beach design is one way to give this type of bathroom a face lift.

When creating a fun loving bathroom you need to keep your imagination going by getting into the spirit of the design. It is hard to create a fun loving space if you’re down and out. Kids love these types of bathrooms as you can create themes with bathroom accessories that portray cartoon characters as well as many other cool ideas.


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