39 Minimalist Window Design Ideas For Your House

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Window designs occupy the minds of many homeowners when building their homes. Do they want to have modern, minimalist windows or go for more elaborate and ornate old fashioned windows that are works of art in themselves. If you have visited old style homes you would have been stuck by the beauty and intricacy that is involved in the creation of those masterpieces. At once they stand out and make a statement of their own.

Not the windows of today which are just plain openings with minimalist frames with glass inserted. Today’s window reflect the times where people don’t have too much time to maintain and clean intricate designs. They would rather have simple window designs that can be easily cleaned and kept dust free. Also, modern windows are more likely to focus on energy-efficiency and effective insulation. If the windows can perform these functions then the window is considered to have served its purpose.

The windows of the old were designed to be used to frame a view. When you look out of the window you are likely to see a stream flowing by or a calm waters of a lake or rolling hills. For such wondrous sites it would be a disservice to have plain windows. So, beautiful, elaborate windows with carvings and ornate designs were created. The times were leisurely and there were plenty of maids and men available to clean them. Beautiful window treatments enhanced the whole look fo the window.

Today, the movement is towards minimalist and neat look. With clean-cut lines and simplicity ingrained in their design the modern windows try to blend in with the walls and not detract from the interiors of the home which are the main focus of attention. There aren’t many views to be had inside a thickly populated cities and towns where the window will likely frame the neighbor’s house or the road with traffic rushing by. Only few home can afford beautiful gardens, lawns or artificial lakes. Also, old style homes consume a lot of energy to keep them heated and cooled. Such huge energy bills can’t be afforded by most homeowners. That is the reason for the emphasis on energy efficiency.

Given a choice many homes will opt for beautiful window designs of the past. But they can’t afford the high energy bills that are bane of such homes. It is also a criminal waste when the environmental impact of our various activities are considered.


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