41 Fabulous Fish Pond Design Ideas For Your Home Yard

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Aquatic landscaping is becoming a popular trend for homeowners all over America. There are so many different pond products available these days that anyone can have the backyard water garden of their dreams. From functional products, like pumps and pond liners, to decorative features such as waterfalls and floating fish pond fountains, you can find the accoutrements to design a large, intricate pond or a small, secluded oasis. Add water plants and Koi, and you’ll have your own retreat right in your own backyard.

Every water garden needs at least one fountain. A fountain will not only aerate your water making it healthier for fish to live in, but it will also help by reducing algae and bad odors. Surface sprays not only break up stagnant water, but they can also discourage insects from breeding in your pond area.

Fountains are also decorative and can provide focal points within your yard and garden. You can choose anything from a simple garden planter with a fountain to elaborate tiered or waterfall fountains. Other fountains may be faux rocks which allow water to cascade over them creating the lovely sound of running water, statuary fountains, or high-volume aquatic aerators. The choice is up to you and the type of environment you’re trying to create.

Floating fountains can look truly delightful if you have a large enough pond to accommodate one. A small, 16″ floating fountain can spray 10′ high and 8′ wide. With a floating fountain you not only have the stunning visual effects, but you also take care of your aerating needs. Some of them are attached to light features to provide an awesome after-dark display. You can purchase floating fish pond fountains made of stainless steel, fiberglass, or plastic.

All kinds of fountains are available in a huge range of prices, so there’s a fish pond fountain to fit every budget. No matter if you choose a small bubbler fountain or a massive statue fountain with lights and music, your fountain will create a wonderful addition to your home water garden. Adding features like this to your pond add a nice finishing touch and make it look truly professional, even if you’ve done all the work yourself.


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