37 Make Your Bedroom Cozy With Neutral Bedroom Decorations

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A bedroom is a sanctuary for sleeping and romance, and if you want to bring the sizzle back into your love life, some creative romantic bedroom decorating will give it just the right ambiance and erotic appeal. There are inexpensive and easy ways to change the mood of a bedroom retreat, and with a little creativity and effort, you can turn your bedroom into a haven for love and romance. Adding romantic bedroom colors, sexy new bedding, romantic bedroom decor, soft subtle lighting and a few other personal touches will make your bedroom look and feel like a honeymoon suite in a fine hotel.

Romantic Bedroom Colors

Are your walls stark white, or are they a dark color that really doesn’t put you at ease? White walls look crisp and clean, but they don’t put anyone in the mood for romance. Dark colored walls are fine in certain settings such as a family room or den, but they don’t convey a feeling of relaxation or romance. Give your bedroom a makeover that says you’re in the mood for love and sensual excitement, and begin by changing the color of the walls. Paint is one of the least expensive home improvements, and you can easily change the entire look and feel of a room without spending a small fortune.

If you want your bedroom to set the mood for love and romance while providing a stress-free environment for sleep and relaxation, consider painting the walls a lovely shade of blonde or another neutral body flattering color that won’t cause a major distraction. Add color by accessorizing with tranquil shades of pink, mauve, green, or blue, and add a little excitement with hints of brighter colors that coordinate with the decor.

After choosing a calming neutral color for the walls, consider choosing a border to add a little color and interest to the room. A border embellished with beautiful pastel colored roses, a tranquil scene, or a dreamy country setting is ideal when creating a room for an alluring romantic interlude. Choose something that catches your eye but relaxes your mind when striving to create a love nest perfect for seduction and passion.

Romantic Bedroom Wall Decor

It’s nice to have pictures of loved ones adorning the walls, but not in the bedroom. The last thing you and your partner want when setting the mood for romance are pictures of people peering down from the walls. If you have framed family photos adorning your bedroom walls, then it’s time to relocate them to a hallway or a central location in your home and replace them with provocative mirrors, romantic candle wall sconces and erotic art.

Romantic Candle Ideas

When decorating a bedroom for relaxation and romance, candles are a must have. Choose various sizes of softly scented pillar candles, and arrange them on a nightstand near the bed. Also, don’t forget to choose matching votive candles for wall sconces. Musk or rose scented candles are perfect choices since these scents are aphrodisiacs that are sure to create a spark in the bedroom. The soft glow and tantalizing scents will help set the mood and make your bedroom a romantic and sultry haven unlike any other.

Romantic Bedding Ensembles

Silky soft bedding in soft colors that coordinate with the decor is ideal when redecorating a bedroom with romance in mind. Choose a luxury bedding set with matching pillow shams, a warm and cozy comforter, a bed skirt, and satiny sheets that will caress your body and wrap you and your partner in silky sensual comfort and delight.

In addition to new bedding, consider buying several comfortable throw pillows, and choose various shapes and textures for added interest, romance, and charm. Your bed will become more romantically appealing than ever before, and the new luxury bedding and pillows will add amazing ambiance and intimacy to the room. When it comes to romantic bedroom decorating, the difference new bedding and throw pillows can make is truly remarkable, and it’s by far one of the easiest and most affordable ways to turn your bedroom into a luxurious romantic retreat.


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