42 How To Create Beautiful Winter Shades To Your Home

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Now that the warm weather is gone and the chilly days of winter are setting in, you may decide your home needs a degree of change to brighten up the sometimes damp and dreary days of winter.

Here are some ways to brighten up your home and lift your spirits in time for the Holidays.

Most people have certain rooms in their homes that don’t receive much sunlight. Brighten these rooms with a new coat of paint in a shade that mimics filtering sunlight. A soft yellow or vibrant blue is a wonderful color for a dark bedroom or bath! Painting is a relatively low-cost way to dramatically change to look and feel of a room.

The seasons most popular colors to spruce up your home range from terra cotta and orange to rich, vibrant browns and spicy reds – anything you would consider an autumn color is definitely a color you want to add to your decor. And although the greenery outside may be long gone now, deep rich green hues are perfect for your indoor theme. Use these colors in your throws, pillows, rugs and all throughout your decor! If you have solid colored furniture, it is particularly important that you add colorful accents.

Add some new pictures to your walls, being sure to use the autumn colors in these also. You can accentuate your pictures with wall sconces in a rustic tone, or add some leaves and greenery to the mix for a stunning wall display. These days you can also find mirrors with an endless selection of frames to decorate your walls. Mirrors will also open up the area and brighten the room, which is exactly what you’re striving to accomplish during the winter season.

Wall murals with an outside theme such as a beautiful forest scene, wildlife theme or a garden scene are also wonderful wall decor. It makes it seem as if you have a great “view” even if you don’t actually have a big picture window to admire the scenery!

If you have a wall shelf or bookcase, you can add colorful wildlife figurines, candles, ceramic vases and old books in autumn colors. Add some leaves or pine cones and greenery to your shelves too! Anything with rich, vibrant fall colors and fabrics of different textures will definitely add a spicy flavor to your decor! Following the above tips and using some imagination of your own, you can definitely brighten your home and your mood for the upcoming winter season, as well as making your home a warm and inviting place your friends and relatives will always want to be.


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