39 Island Kitchen Design Ideas Attractive For Comfortable Cooking

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There is nothing wrong with a small kitchen. A typical household kitchen consists of a stove or gas range, a refrigerator, a sink and kitchen cabinets. But in our modern world, homeowner’s kitchens are looking more like a family room that gives them a different place to hang out. My fiancĂ©e loves to cook, especially when we are hosting small parties in our apartment. She loves revealing the secrets of her new recipe and giving tips to her friends after every meal. The problem is our kitchen is too small so she never gets the chance to demonstrate her skills. That is why we are planning to have a Kitchen Island and redecorate our kitchen after our wedding. But besides having an audience and a spacious kitchen, what are the other advantages of having a kitchen island?

The idea of a kitchen island is to have space in the kitchen, and not to consume the whole kitchen. The design must have an area to move freely and comfortably. Some designs have their own sink, cabinets, and cooking stove, depending on their purpose so that they can move more effectively. They can even add chairs or stools to serve as a breakfast or snack table for their family. Kitchen islands can give any home the modern look while making the kitchen look more elegant and classy at the same time. But before going in the market to buy one, there are some basic factors homeowners must consider first. They could spend a lot of money redecorating the kitchen and yet they will still feel unsatisfied.

Defining the purpose of the kitchen island must be the first thing to consider and plan the next steps accordingly. Homeowners must decide if their home needs one. Second is to know the shape of the kitchen and the features required for the island’s design. Islands doesn’t usually look well on square shape kitchens; it is the L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen designs because it makes the distance shorter and it also acts as a guide for moving in and out. Third is to choose the design that matches the kitchen’s motif. The island’s design must fit the design of the kitchen’s furniture so that it will not look out of place and awkward. The last thing should be the budget. There are a lot of available designs in the market but some are quite expensive. Additional costs will be needed when remodeling the whole kitchen, especially the electrical and plumbing system needs. Having a kitchen island will definitely make any home look good and will provide a lot of function and workspace but it doesn’t need to be expensive, it just needs the correct objective and purpose.


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