44 Cozy Bedroom Design Ideas To Make Your Sleep More Comfortable

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Newlyweds often have the dilemma of decorating their new home. There are times when they are so engrossed at making the appearance of their home beautiful that they neglect one of the most important rooms in the house – their bedroom. The bedroom is where most of your intimate moments in your life happen as a married couple, it is best to make it the most romantic and coziest place in the house and choosing the right bedroom furniture is an utmost concern.

Every bedroom should be a place where one can express oneself. It is important to create a personal space which will include all the things that the occupants need and are interested in. If you recently bought a home that you’d like to change the interior decoration or you are planning to renovate your house, naturally, you’d like to bring in a different set of furniture.

For instance, if you want to redo your bedroom, ensure that you make proper measurements so that you get only items that will fit the area> Don’t forget to leave ample space to move around. Are you considering replacing the bed? It is better nowadays to bring in items that are not of the same materials. It is okay to mix and match a little, for more variety, but just make sure that the furniture will complement each other. For example, if you’re thinking of getting teak furniture, like a bed or a chair, better get a design that will complement your dresser or your night stand.

Bunk beds are kids’ furniture so forego that. Get a king size bed and then pile on a lot pillows. Do not be afraid to mix pillowcases of different patterns and colors. It adds versatility and brings any room to life. Purchase a comforter, too, to make the bed cozy.

If you have a small bedroom, it is advisable that you get a set of bedroom furniture that has versatile functionality, like drawers and dressers. You can use the top to hold your television set. You might also want to consider buying a mirror. This will create an illusion of space to any small room. However, if you have a bigger space and you can afford to get an armoire, there are designs that have a rod inside where you can hang your clothes. Still there are some that have pull out trays or compartments where you can put place a TV or a stereo.

Night stands will complement any bed. Select one that you can easily reach while you are on the bed. Get one also that has at least a drawer to hold some items like books. The lighting is also an important fixture in the bedroom. Make sure you have warm and inviting lighting. A bedroom is where you can feel relaxed; avoid using too bright lighting fixtures. You can also place a small study lamp on the night stand if you like reading before going to bed.

Finally, you can decide also of changing the paint of the room. Again, avoid using loud colors; make sure you give out a feeling of coziness to the room. Hopefully these tips have helped you choose the right bedroom furniture for you.


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